"A fantasy tale to set the Sea steaming!"

Accused of being a witch, Meg had been banished from the Arcan Mainland and had been given into the care of her Aunt Adelia and her Uncle Olwyn on the Isle of the Mists. Meg's fate is to become a priestess, a fate which she rails against in her heart of hearts, for after her initiation rites she must remain celibate for life.

Late one night Meg witnesses a Selkie mating. Caught up in their ecstasy she catches the eye of their leader, the Lordof the Deep. As he makes love to one of his consorts she imagines herself in the selkie female's place. Knowing of her heart's desire in the way of his people Simeon comes to her, to grant her fondest wish.

A virgin no longer, Meg cannot become a priestess nor can she return to the Mainland. She cannot remain with Simeon in the deep indefinitely either. Simeon's consorts are a jealous lot and Meg cannot breathe under water for long. Nor can Simeon exist long in her world. Simeon has a plan but needs time to execute it. Meg returns to her relative's cottage with plans to meet with him later at the witching hour. But Meg's avaricious aunt has other plans for her.

Unknown to Meg there are accommodations that can be made for nubile young women who no longer qualify to become priestesses. It is a carefully guarded secret that the Shamans of the temple also keep a whorehouse on Shaman's Mount, for none who had ventured there had ever returned. But Adelia knows and acquires a tidy sum from the Shaman Seth for her troublesome niece. Using Simeon's hastily discarded seal skin to gain Meg's cooperation, Meg soon finds herself on the Mount and Simeon will move Heaven and Sea to get her back.

Even if he is successful their dilemma would not be resolved for he is immortal and she is doomed to age and die. Of course with love all things are possible and with the aid and hindrance of many fanciful creatures, including the Lord of the Forest, a long lived nun, a vengeful Waterwitch, a mercurial waterhorse, an ancient spirit trapped in a stolen tree and a swordfish summoner, the pair may just have a chance to live happily ever after. If you love ancient sea lore as I do and enjoy a hot steamy romance as well, Lord of the Deep is a book you will want to add to your keeper shelf.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 25, 2007


Desire that knows no limits....

Accused of witchcraft and banished to the Isle of Mists, Meg is utterly alone, until the night the selkies appear for a moonlight orgy, glistening wet, proudly naked. As beautiful bodies entwine and shapes shift within the sea, a man comes forth from the waves--and what a man he is...

Strong and masterful, the Lord of the Deep enchants her...and Meg must surrender. Only he can satisfy her virgin longings--and her darkest desires...

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Lord of the Deep
(Elementals: Book 1)
by Dawn Thompson

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
August 1, 2007
Available: August 28, 2007
ISBN #0758221797
EAN #9780758221797
304 pages
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