"an entertaining story that you are sure to love!"

Miranda is sick and tired of living the dull life her aunt raised her to lead. She's always been the good girl, following in her aunt's footsteps and becoming a scientist, but never having a social life. She's never even had a friend, much less a boyfriend. But now, with her aunt's passing, and her upcoming twenty-first birthday, she is ready to do something wild, something she would never do. The next thing she knows, she's headed to Los Regalos, a resort run by paranormals. Of course Miranda's scientific mind knows that's just a clever marketing trick, that there is no such thing as paranormals. But before she even gets to her hotel, she is attacked in her own taxi! Lucky for her, Simon: a demon, bartender, and financial "enforcer" for the owners of Los Regalos, saves her before any major damage is done. Miranda has every intention of having a wicked weekend, but after meeting Simon, she has no idea just how wicked it's going to get!

Virgin's Kiss is a great novella that is long enough to have you emotionally invested in the story, but short enough for you to enjoy in an evening. Michele Bardsley does a wonderful job of creating a fabulous storyline, fun characters, and hot sex scenes. You really connect and empathize with the heroine- you feel sorry for her always living a life to please someone else, never having any wild experiences, and then you are thrilled when she finally gets to be the bad girl. Simon is one delectable demon, and just what the doctor ordered to cure Miranda's doldrums. Viva Los Regalos: Virgin's Kiss is an entertaining story that you are sure to love!

Reviewed by Mandy Briggs
Posted October 23, 2007


A Multi-Author Series

When he’s not making idiotic thieves pay financial homage to the Family, who owns everything in Los Regalos, demon Simon LaRue mixes cocktails at the Dusty Star Casino & Lounge. If you want a drink with pizzazz, you ask Simon for the Virgin’s Kiss. Miranda Boson is a scientist raised by an aunt who believed in intellect over emotion. She knows something is missing from her life. After all, she’s never even had a date, let alone a lover. When her aunt dies and leaves her a fortune, she jumps at the chance to do something unexpected and fun. She’s delighted when Hot Spot Destinations books her on a fantasy vacation to Los Regalos.

When Miranda stumbles into the wrong section of town and is nearly mugged, Simon rescues her. Their attraction is undeniable. Miranda is hoping for an affair to remember. What she doesn’t know is that Simon adores her body, but it’s her purity that really turns him on. There’s nothing sexier to a demon than an innocent soul begging to be corrupted. And all it takes to start the hellfires burning is a real virgin’s kiss…

Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Angels & Demons, The Fetish Club
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Viva Los Regalos
Series: Viva Los Regalos

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Virgin's Kiss
(Viva Los Regalos)
by Michele Bardsley

Changeling Press
September 1, 2007
Available: September 20, 2007
ISBN #159596682X
EAN #9781595966827
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