"a highly intensified novel"

Malik is the future King of Ulan, and Adrienne is just a college student, but Adrienne appears to be much more than she knows. She's also Malik's bride. Hundreds of years ago, a spell was cast over Malik's family so that they would be able to find their brides, and thus, continue their blood-line. So Malik has traveled through dimensions, literally, to claim his bride, and lucky for Adrienne, he claims her just in time...

One night as Adrienne is leaving school, getting ready to head home for a much needed Spring Break, she's ambushed by two men. One of whom is infuriated with Adrienne for, in a sense, having him expelled his senior year of college. He and his friend have decided to show Adrienne just how "big and bad" they can truly be by attempting to have their way with her on campus. Just as Adrienne is thinking they're going to win, Malik steps out of his portal and saves her... by killing them!

After that night, Malik whisks Adrienne off, and the next morning she awakens to find herself in Ulan. From there Malik tries to explain their destiny, but Adrienne is having none of it. Then, she starts to realize that some of the feelings she has are not her own, but rather Malik's, yet another confusing aspect of this whole new lifestyle for Adrienne. As it turns out, as a destined pair they are able to feel each other's feelings, but none of what Malik has to say, or how Adrienne is feeling makes her want to stay in Ulan...

Malik then informs Adrienne that she is no longer on Earth, but rather, on Bron. Bron is still in the same solar system, and is still the third planet, and in Bron lays Ulan. They have different days, months, and years, as well as magick! He then explains to Adrienne the history of Bron, and just how she is to be his bride. It is 3 months until Malik's 25th birthday, at which time he MUST be married or forfeit the throne. After hearing all of this, it is up to Adrienne as to whether or not she will marry him willingly or unwillingly, because either way Malik will have her.

D. Renee Bagby has written a highly intensified novel. You can truly relate to the characters, and more importantly to their emotions. All of the emotions in the novel, in my opinion, truly help to make Adrienne as great as it is. When Adrienne is feeling sad, you really want to reach out for her, and when Malik is laughing or feeling amused, you know exactly why and want to laugh along with him. With Adrienne being a college student from our world, it is much easier to relate to the country of Ulan, and what she is thinking and feeling, as she is there. Unlike other time travels, we, the reader, can actually and more realistically place ourselves into Adrienne's shoes. She is living the fact that she is no longer here on our Earth and can do nothing about it. The novel also flowed absolutely wonderful, and you just have to continue reading to see just where these two will go, as well as what is on the next page. Warning: sex scenes, nothing too erotic

Reviewed by Denise Kivett
Posted October 23, 2007


A Bron Universe Novel

He crossed dimensions to claim her as his queen—but her reign may destroy his world.

A Bron Universe novel

Adrienne Backett wants two simple little things this spring break: rest and relaxation. After nearly four years of slaving away for her college education, she deserves a holiday. What she gets is pulled into another dimension by a man who claims she’s his rightful queen.

Malik, King of Ulan, has until his birthday to find his bride or he must forfeit his throne. When a spell reveals her location, he will do anything, even cross dimensions, to claim her as his own.

As if fending off a lusty king isn’t enough of a headache, Adrienne finds herself a pawn in a rival monarch’s plot to bring Malik’s world to its knees. But is the real danger being stuck in the middle of a power struggle between rival kingdoms? Or the damage Malik could do to her heart?

Warning: this title contains adult language, talking animals, violence, and scenes of near rape.

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(Bron Universe)
by D. Renee Bagby

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2007
Available: July 10, 2007
ISBN #1599985233
EAN #9781599985237
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