"A Gem of a Young Adult Fantasy"

This young adult novel is a little gem that stays true to the format of classic high fantasy with a group of radically different adventurers brought together and charged with a quest that only they can fulfill. The quest for them is finding the lost prince to unite their worlds before civil war envelopes them.

Rather than dwarves and elves, or wookies, this band is formed of a priest, shapeshifter, a bard, sorceress, and some unique feline like creatures that all come from different worlds. Each character totally holds their own and becomes lovable in their own way. Lovers of romance will enjoy the budding relationship between two of the characters, while fans of high fantasy will appreciate the care and detail the author has gone into with her world building, or in this case "worlds".

Readers expecting to get right into the action might worry about the front loaded world building, but the action is worth the wait once the little band's journey gets underway. As the first book in the Adventures of the Carotian Union series, there will be many more adventures for us to enjoy.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted October 18, 2007


Heroes exist only in retrospect…

The Carotian Union is a confederation of planets with a small problem: one of its worlds, Thalas, is on the brink of civil war. Since the fall of its despotic monarch in a recent war with its sister worlds, no one in the entire Union has been able to advance a claim to the Thalacian throne that all will acknowledge. The stakes are very high: the very substance of the worlds of the Union is alive, and it reacts powerfully to psychic energy. Enough hostility and Thalas will blow itself to pieces.

Enter Mistra bas Carthanas, a Carotian princess with a flair for the mystical. In a vision, she sees the solution to the problem: Eliander, the Lost Price of Thalas, sent by magic millennia ago to a place outside normal time and space. Only he can serve as the great uniter who will keep his world from destruction. And finding him won't be easy: seven mystical portals, each one housing untold perils, lie between Mistra’s vision and its realization. . .

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The Chalice of Life
(Adventurers of the Carotian Union: Book 1)
by Karen Anne Webb

Dragon Moon Press
March 1, 2007
ISBN #1896944337
EAN #9781896944333
320 pages
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