"an absorbing, original story of dragons"

She was always treated cruelly by the people of the village; the village where she was found, naked and alone. The villagers considered her lucky to have been taken in, she who was weakened by the scorching, harsh elements. In their eyes, she was not even worthy of a name, and was simply called "girl". So when she refuses the son of the village leader, they had no qualms about tossing her into the desert, with no protection from the disgusting, deadly creatures known as the Scabs.

Now the Scabs are almost upon her, and she is sure it will be merely moments before they feast on her flesh. She sees a pair of glowing eyes and knows she's done for. But this creature is not a Scab, it's a giant dragon! He tells her he has been looking for her, and that she is to come with him to another place, his land. Even though she's a little disturbed, she's grateful that someone- or something- is rescuing her from her terrible fate, and with hardly a moment to spare! She is whisked away to the home of an intriguing race called the Dragonish. They are a beautiful but strange people, and she finds their culture even stranger. She is shocked to learn not only that she is to be the mate of the most perfect man she has ever seen, but that she and her mate are half of a sort of "family" called a Quad, the other half being two males. Though it slowly seems strangely right to her, she is still conflicted by all the things she was taught in the human world. Will she let the teachings of a people who were terrible and cruel to her sabotage her chance at happiness, or will she be able to embrace what she wants: love, a home, and a family?

Dragon Star is a fantastic story about a supernatural race unlike any other. Stephanie Burke has written an absorbing, original story of dragons and their land and culture. At first, the Quad will seem as strange to you as it did to our heroine, but by the end of the story, you realize you love it and have to have more! I was a bit apprehensive about reading my first m/m interaction, but the author penned a beautiful scene that was an extremely steamy and sensual show of love and worship between Dragonish mates. Burke's characters all have their own distinctive personalities, but each one is as lovable as the next. Dragon Star is a fascinating novella that will have you waiting for the sequel with bated breath!

Reviewed by Mandy Briggs
Posted October 15, 2007


Tempting and teasing, Dragons oh so pleasing! Or are they?

Dragons, shape shifters, Oh My!

Left to die in the searing heat of the desert floor, a sacrifice to the scavengers that inhabit its sandy depths, the nameless female struggled to save her own life.

As a foundling, she had always done so. When she turned down the son of the leader of her village, she found herself cast to the vicious Scabs and their never-ending hunger.

But then something came to her aid!

A large talking lizard with more attitude than brains was there, carrying her off to a strange new world inhabited by the Dragonish.

Now she was the future mate of a strange man, a submissive for breading purposes, a desired and treasured female, and the forth in an all male family quad that just didn't make sense to her.

But when instincts take over and mating fever burns bright, who can resist being the Dragon's Star?

Genre: Erotic Romantic
Theme(s): Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Interracial

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Dragon Star
(Dragonish Series: Book 1)
by Stephanie Burke

Red Rose Publishing
July 1, 2007
Available: July 27, 2007
ISBN #1604350113
EAN #9781604350111
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