"Be prepared to be completely swept away"

Hydeia is a proud and spirited Eaglekin, and bonded to a most worthy eagle. But even though an honored eagle accepted her as its true-bonded, she still has to prove herself constantly to her people, especially the Matrons. When the Matrons charge her with the task of finding a special Eaglekin and her very important eagle that have gone missing, Hydeia jumps at the chance. She is determined to not only prove herself worthy, but to find the missing Eaglekin and eagle, and hopefully all the other Eaglekins that have been disappearing.

But just as she begins her journey, she is shocked when her eagle chooses a mate. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for Eaglekin tradition that when two eagles mate, their true-bonded Eaglekins are to be mates as well. But an even bigger problem is that when she meets her intended mate, Ammah, he refuses to accept her as his mate, which is unheard of. Eaglekin females are supposed to be dominant to the males; and he should not be able to resist the pull of the bond between them now that their eagles are mated. But Ammah has shunned his people, and refuses to take any part in the Eaglekin traditions. Could things possibly get any more complicated for Hydeia?

Upon Eagle's Light is a powerful, unique, emotional novel that will completely mesmerize and take hold of you. Clover Autrey has written one of the most original, imaginative stories that is completely flawless in every way. Her characters are so convincing, you will come to know and love them more and more with each turn of the page. Autrey has created a fascinating, complex world and culture that are unlike any you have ever seen, but she still makes it easy to understand and to immerse yourself in the story. Be prepared to be completely swept away by Upon Eagle's Light, and to embark on an emotional journey with Hydeia and Ammah. Clover Autrey is a name to remember; and her Eaglekins are impossible to forget.

Reviewed by Mandy Briggs
Posted October 10, 2007


Eagles Mate for Life

Ready to prove herself worthy of her bonded eagle and find her missing people, Hydeia is stunned when her eagle chooses a mate for her.

A mate who wants nothing to do with Eaglekins. And aren't Eaglekin males supposed to be more submissive anyway?

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Upon Eagle's Light
by Clover Autrey

Wild Rose Press
October 1, 2007
Available: October 12, 2007
ISBN #1601541325
EAN #9781601541321
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