"A dark and delicious fantasy - Star-crossed Lovers redefine what it means to be human"

Lady Dawn Maybank is daughter to the Earl of St. Yve, Director of the Cadre, a hermetic order dedicated to maintaining a balance between the mortal world and the dark realms which was founded four hundred years earlier by the first earl. For reasons unknown to her she had been found lacking by both her father and twin sister Aurora and in spite of repeated testing had been denied adept status in the Cadre. Dawn is also head of the Department of Anachronistic Research at the local university. There, while reading from an old spell book in her Demonology I class, her resentments had leaked out summoning a vengeance demon.

Not that Galen McManus is about to reveal his true Directive to the captivating demon tracker when he approaches her through the fog outside the institution. Instead he reveals himself to be an incubus, not hard to believe as he is irresistibly handsome. He has something Dawn wants, the Demon Stone, a family heirloom long sought after by her father, and his mission is to teach her a lesson. He proposes a bargain, five nights in her bed in exchange for the stone. What she doesn't know is that he is to be the instrument of her vengeance against those who have opposed or slighted her, or that she is the one who will be hurt the most by it. Cosmic justice, what goes around comes around.

Dawn cannot resist the lure of the Demon Stone or the demon himself. If she is surprised by the feelings she's developing for him, it is nothing compared to the shock Galen experiences after their steamy encounters. Demons only have two emotions, lust and anger. They are a manifestation of humanity's dark side. Then what is this unaccustomed warmth he's feeling toward the object of his mission? Guilt? Love? Horror of horrors, could he be turning human?

All bets are off when the pair is attacked by P-Cell, the paranormal branch of the British Security Service and the Cadre's biggest rival. To protect him, Dawn takes Galen where no vengeance demon has ever gone before, St. Yve Manor, knowing that the biggest danger to him may very well be from her own family.

October is a perfect month for this sensual and suspenseful paranormal romance. Will Dawn find herself tricked or treated by her handsome demon? Defining and redefining what it means to be human has long been a favorite theme of science fiction and fantasy tales. Night Mischief does so beautifully winding this pair though layer upon layer of intrigue and making and impossible love seem oh so right. Oops do I see and envy demon waiting for me in the wings? This is the hottest Dark Enchantments installment yet. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend that you do!

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 10, 2007


Can a mortal fall in love with a demon...
Can a demon ever return that love...
Or are both damned to live out eternity...alone?

Daughter to the Earl of St. Yve, the beautiful Lady Dawn Maybank takes her responsibilities to the Cadre, the secret hermetic order of demon hunters her father heads, very seriously. But she is haunted by a fatal flaw she is desperate to hide from the world. One day a thoughtlessly spoken spell conjures Dawn’s worst nightmare....

Galen McManus is a demon of vengeance masquerading as an incubus. Handsome as the devil, he has a sinful body which he isn’t above using to weave his spell of cosmic justice. Those mortals he targets for ruin never suspect his purpose until it is far too late. Galen doesn’t believe in good or evil, in truth or lies, or in passions of any kind—other than for his job. He is all about balance.

But this demon is as cunning as he is wicked. To his newest victim Galen proposes a trade: the Demon Stone, a long-lost diamond for which her father has been searching his whole life, in exchange for Lady Dawn spending five nights in his bed. Of course, all this is just a ruse to hide his real objective: to teach Dawn the true meaning of vengeance in a lesson she’ll never forget.

But this time, Galen’s plans go awry and the sinister net the arrogant demon weaves traps his most unsuspecting victim yet…himself. And with the most unlikely of reasons—for love.

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Night Mischief
(Dark Enchantments: Book 3)
by Nina Bruhns

Silhouette (Nocturne)
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
ISBN #0373617720
EAN #9780373617722
288 pages
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