"A Fun loving story that will keep you laughing to the last page"

Clarence Woods has loved Madalina from a distance. Romanian Madalina Dragoi is one of the newest waitresses at the Trade Winds Yacht Club where he is the Assistant dock Master. Woody loved her but never in a million years dreamed that a woman like her would love him back. Madalina is a beautiful sweet woman and what would she want with a man that has a lowly job, an old, ugly truck and lives with his Aunt. But Madalina seems to have the hots for Todd Hollingshead who is a wealthy member of the Trade Winds Yacht Club. Woody has tried, until this point in his life, to put all of his spare time and money into his own boat called "Sea Sponge", he just wanted to fulfill the promise he had made to his Grandfather. He is biding time until Sea Sponge is fixed and ready to sail so he can sail around the world, see new places, and expand his horizons. So to bring in more money to make that day come sooner Woody takes on a job teaching a new Yacht owner how to sail and deep fish. Who would have believed that when he was fishing alone he would catch "The Prince", who is a magic talking fish? The fish tells him that if he lets him go he will grant Woody one wish, any wish. Could this talking fish help him to get the woman he loves to see him, to want him? Woody is shocked to see that Madalina starts to notice him. But is it too easy? What was that old wise saying "be careful what you wish for, you may be lucky and get it"? Things start to click for Woody and Madalina. But will it last? Will Woody be able to keep the woman he loves?

When I heard about this book by Jane May's I laughed, then I got to thinking I had to see how this author was going to pull this story off. Let me tell you the author pulled it off with flying colors. She took a classic Grimm's Fairytale and turned it into a wonderful, funny story that keeps you guessing until the last page. You have Woody, an average Joe that has a lowly job, as he puts it, falling for Madalina, a beautiful woman that could have anyone she wants. But one day as he was fishing he catches "The Prince" a talking fish that bargains with him to set him free and in turn he would grant him a wish, any wish he wanted. So what does Woody choose, he chooses for Madalina to notice him, to want to be with him. But will it work out with the path that Woody took to get her to see "HIM"? Well woman and gents this is where you have to go and buy this wonderfully funny story to find out :)

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted October 8, 2007


In Jane May's delightfully witty and original take on a classic Grimms' fairytale, a sailor with a dream gets help from a very fishy source. . .

The moment Clarence "Woody" Woods, assistant dock master at Miami's exclusive Trade Winds Yacht Club, sets eyes on waitress Madalina Dragoi, he falls head over heels in love. As bad luck would have it, Madalina is smitten tooŚwith Todd Hollingshead, a wealthy, suave club regular.

Woody has no problem handling the sleek, multi-million dollar sailing vessels that dock at Trade Winds, but when it comes to winning a woman like Madalina, he could use a little help. Who knew it would arrive in the form of the enchanted fish he catches one afternoon? Before Woody can write off the talking tuna as a sun-induced hallucination, this unlikely benefactor is granting Woody's every wish, allowing him to sweep Madalina off her feet and into the sunset.

At least that's how things were supposed to work out. Now, as Woody is about to discover, fairy tales aren't what they used to beŚand fate has a way of writing its own version of happily-ever-after. . .


by Jane May

Kensington Publishing
September 1, 2007
Available: September 25, 2007
ISBN #075821362X
EAN #9780758213624
320 pages
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