"a story with feeling and passion"

Garron Greeley thought he had it all, he has the man he loves, he has a great job, and a great place for the two of them. So when Sonny asks him to marry him to show their love for each other, he is more than happy to show their commitment with just their best friends and family. In the town they lived in most accepted them, or so they thought. On the day of their ceremony which started out to be the best day in their lives, turns into the worst day in their lives. Someone shoots his lover, husband, Sonny in the middle of the street. While he is holding Sonny he wonders how he went from having it all, to possibly losing it all. With the help of his new brother in-law, Garron starts the search to find the person who shot his lover. All he wants to do is find him before he can hurt them any more. Will it be enough? Will they ever be safe? Is loving each other so wrong?

Wow, I just have to say "WOW". Carol Lynne did it again, she writes her stories with such feeling and passion you just can't help but cry when Sonny is shot and watching Garron all torn up inside over his lover being hurt. I found myself wanting to catch this evil person that just doesn't see that love comes in many colors, shapes and sexes, and where do they think they have the right to say who should love who. Keep these wonderful stories coming Carol, I know I will be reading them and telling everyone I know to go and buy them.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted October 7, 2007


Garron Greeley thought he had it all—a great new job and the man of his dreams to call his own. When his lover Sonny sprang the idea of a commitment ceremony on him, Garron couldn’t have been happier. Except for a few men, the town seemed supportive of their relationship, and many showed up to witness their special day.

The ceremony is everything he hoped for, until an act of bigoted violence shatters Garron’s world, leaving his new husband in a pool of blood in the middle of the street. He’s left wondering if asking for everything will leave him with nothing.

Working with his new brother-in-law, Garron sets out to prove the identity of the shooter and bring him to justice. Along the way he learns that true love can have many different forms.

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Garron's Gift
(Good-time Boys: Book 2)
by Carol Lynne

September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #1906328242
EAN #9781906328245
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