"Welcome to a world of Space ships, aliens and genetically adapted warriors"

The United Colonies and Novaya Rus Empire have allied to fight the Nefrim who leave nothing living when they attack. No one knows what inspired the Nefrim's attack on humans. When a wormhole drive from 'UCS Fenrir' lost 10 years ago in a mis-jump appears near Plymouth Space Station, Captain Mikhail "Misha" Ivanovich Volkov is called. Was this anomaly part of a plot? As only son of the Tsar of the Novaya Rus Empire, he agrees to this possible suicide mission for their allies, but on his own terms.

The 'Svoboda' with its crew and Reds risk everything to zero out in a jump. Reds are genetically adapted warriors with cat-like abilities raised in crèches and many do not considered them human. Mikhail's foster brother and Red commander, Turk and Rabbit, the runt of a Red crèche, do not fit preconceived notions.

Rather than the usual black of space, endless blue encircled Mikhail and his crew when they jump. The 'Svoboda' comes out of jump with their ship in orbit near land - in the sky? This world does not function by known rules - not even time! They were now in the SARAGASSO where space ships come in and can't go back. The fate of the two universes depends on Mikhail being the first to get back alive!

A spaceship crashing into a vimanas [floating island] was just one more disaster in a string of bad luck for Paige Bailey, her family crew and their ship 'Rosetta'. Next came the need to trade with civs which lead to her rescuing a Red named Turkish Delight and "Turk" was a delight Paige found hard to resist!

As in her previous novels, Ms Spencer tantalizes readers with her imaginative and believable alternate reality. SARAGASSO is a universe with its own rules and generations of crashed ships from various worlds including aliens such as civs, minotaurs, Hak and seraphim.

Her characters have strength and integrity that you appreciate all the more from flash-backs of their life. The motivation to choose 'action over inaction' as well as the conflict of good and evil adds another dimension bringing the characters to life. The romance is a tastefully presented sub-plot and the wit in the dialog keeps a fast pace with their adventures.

Ms Spencer's talent as a storyteller will not disappoint! The action and adventure is well presented and once you start reading, you won't want to stop until the story ends and then you still want more time in this world!

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted October 7, 2007


The appearance of the warp drive from the long lost spaceship, Fenrir, triggers an epic quest for Captain Mikhail Volkov. According to the drive's computers, Fenrir had been lost to hypothetical 'nowhere' of subspace, but with the drive's housing covered with coral and sea life, obviously Fenrir has gone somewhere. Faced with genocide at the hands of the alien Nefrim, humans need a miracle to survive. On the chance that Fenrir's mysterious location holds such a miracle, Mikhail jumps into the unknown and crashes into the endless blue of the Sargasso Sea. Every ship that misjumped from any race that discovered travel through subspace has crashed into its waters, creating a graveyard of rusting spaceships. On the Sargasso's great oceans, humans live alongside aliens. His ship damaged, his younger foster brother lost, and his sanity rattled, Mikhail discovers a secret that might save the human race if he can repair his ship and return home.


Endless Blue
by Wen Spencer

Baen Books
December 1, 2007
Available: December 4, 2007
ISBN #1416573852
EAN #9781416573852
400 pages
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