"action-packed and adventurous"

Emily Redgrave, Lady Allington, has been recovering from a gunshot wound, but, now she seeks another assignment as a spy. Her friends and superiors fear that Emily has lost her edge, so they give her a fake assignment of being an undercover bodyguard for Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield. Grant Ashbury's last assignment resulted in the death of a woman who was dear to him. Racked with guilt, Grant seems to have lost his edge, too. When Grant demands an assignment, he is given the job of watching Emily. Neither Emily nor Grant knows the other is a spy, until Emily discovers the truth. However, in the process of making this discovery, Emily stumbles on a real case. Emily offers Grant the chance to work with her and prove their worthiness as spies. Of course, Grant accepts and the adventure begins.

While SEDUCTION IS FOREVER is action-packed and adventurous, it does, at times stretch the bounds of believability. However, since it is billed as the "Charlie's Angels" of the Regency period, I was anticipating this fact and just went along for the ride. Emily and Grant are forced to work through their problems together and grow to love each other in the process. SEDUCTION IS FOREVER is a fun read, which I recommend.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted October 6, 2007


Daring, beautiful, and fiercely intelligent, Emily Redgrave has always seemed to me to be invincible. But after her recent encounter with a deadly assassin, I believe it is best for both Emily and this agency if her next assignment poses less risk of harm to her nimble body.

Her mission: She must do everything in her power to defend Grant Ashbury, the very powerful—and very handsome—Lord Westfield, against the nameless, faceless enemies who seek his utter destruction. Unbeknownst to Emily, Grant will be engaged in his own mission for the Crown—to protect her.

Potential difficulties: Destined to chase each other in circles around London, Emily and Grant will be easily frustrated . . . and easily distracted by every flicker of passion between them. Though it could put them in danger, a seduction will be nearly impossible to resist.


Seduction Is Forever
by Jenna Petersen

September 1, 2007
ISBN #0061138096
EAN #9780061138096
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