"a little bit of the best of all genres"

One Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks
Who knew that making the embarrassing, time costly mistake of boarding a boat to the wrong island could work out so well for Jane Smith. Alone in Italy, she felt she must be the only one without romance in such an incredibly beautiful and romantic country. While leisurely strolling Isola Di San Michele, aka, Island of the Dead, Jane meets the most handsome and incredible man she's ever seen and suddenly Italy become romantic indeed, and hot, and steamy in the arms of Gino Dante. Jane finds so much more than just deep love and passion... but what becomes of falling in love on the Isola Di San Michele? Rusty Hicks has combined a touching love story with a wonderfully hot ghost story! Italy comes alive!

Destiny's Star by J.T. Schultz
Princess Daria is beautiful and strong and intelligent, but also she is afraid and devastated at the loss of her father, a warlock and King. Now the powerful witch Daria must flee so that she is not the next victim. Prince Ryland rarely worried about a night alone, he was a prince and it's good to be the prince! Animal attraction at it's primal best sent sparks flying the second Ryland laid eyes on Daria, that is until the were finds out she's a witch. When danger threatens Daria, Ryland knows he will do anything in his power as a man and a beast to protect her. Can two mates be fated to find each other only to lose each other, will evil or good win this battle of magic? J.T. Schultz has a winner, the chemistry between witch and were is truly magic! I highly recommend this exciting story of good vs. evil and undying love.

Faith, Hope and Chastity by B.J. Franklin
She has been in Scotland for a long time, long enough for all others to know she is strong and what she considers her territory is just that, her's. She likes young, male virgins, nothing sweeter. She is beautiful, she is sensual and she is hunting, for it's Halloween, a great time to be a vampire. Unfortunately it's also a great night for another mysterious vampire, dark and seductive, he encroaches on her prey, her male virgins. Maybe two powerful vampires can share prey, the young virginal Andrew? B.J. Franklin has written a very erotic story in a wonderful and unique style I found to be intriguing and mysterious as well as hot sexy.

Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston
Shaylee had never been so mad or worried in her life. One moment she is free and fine and the next facing a terrible unknown threat to her and her family. In one moment everything changes, even the boy next door! Garrett has lived next to Shay for two years, getting to know her and becoming more moved by her by the day. One simple touch and they find it's all over but the heat, or is it? Can a human come to terms with a Were and all that means, and accept the danger too? A danger trying to see they never have a chance at finding out. Laws of Nature is fantastic, animalistic and a very fun romp, Ms. Houston is a definite read for shape shifter lovers!

Hart and Souls by Bethany Michaels
Jordan Hart, owner of Hart and Souls, a ghost relocation service, has rarely had a case like this. She has also rarely had a case that looked this good either, such a shame that said "case" was a drop dead gorgeous guy, emphasis on the dead part. Tom didn't feel like he was dead, in fact, he felt far from dead when he looked at Jordan. The question they must find an answer to wasn't what was causing the intense attraction they felt for each other, the question was what was to become him, of them. I loved this story! Ms. Michaels has the perfect combination of wit and wonderful heat, Hart and Souls is a winner for sure.

The Raven's Curse by Shannon Peters
Conlac of Aerie was cursed, turned into stone by an evil witch; he waited and waited in endless years of stone for the curse to be lifted. Lexie had started over, finally a new start in a new apartment, top floor of a wonderful old castle. There Lexie becomes oddly drawn to the fantastic statue of a creature on her parapet, but when that statue becomes the most spectacular man she's ever seen her world changes forever. Can curses be broken, or does evil win all the time? This is a fantastic read, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was tender and incredibly hot at the same time. Ms. Peter's has created a beautiful tale you simply must read, I would love to read more tales of the Gargoyles!

The Doomsday Incident by Michelle Marquis
Nate Butcher was serving a life sentence, he wasn't sure what was worse, the sentence or being faced with Maria Gonzalez day in and day out, not being able to make her his, that is if this life sentence doesn't end shortly with their deaths at the hands of alien invaders. As the war nears, Nate will do anything to keep Maria, to show her his passion for her passion and hopefully live free and alive. Very hot and very exciting, I found this to be action packed, suspenseful and hot all at once, if you like lots of action Ms. Marquis has it for you and so much more, I'm hoping there's more to come!

Samhain Scorchers Anthology was a great mix of writers providing you with a little bit of the best of all genres and styles. There is something guaranteed to please everyone, if you are like me, you will be greatly pleased by the fact that a storyline you didn't expect to be one you pick out, is one you end up really enjoying! Anthologies are a wonderful way to get a little taste of each author, and I think each one put forth a captivating work. I really enjoyed the diversity and I highly recommend it to lovers of paranormal romance. It spans the paranormal, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, shape shifters, gargoyles and aliens, it's got it all. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted October 4, 2007


Destiny's Star by J.T. Shultz

Being a were-animal and powerful witch has its advantages…and disadvantages.

The Doomsday Incident by Michelle Marquis

Will an alien invasion bring a notorious prisoner and his sexy female guard together?

Faith, Hope and Chastity by B.J. Franklin

Can a powerful female vampire learn to trust the gorgeous male vampire who moves in on her territory?

Hart and Souls by Bethany Michaels

A ghost 'relocator' discovers her perfect match…if only he wasn't dead.

Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston

A female were-creature's body awakens in the strong arms of the guy-next-door, but will he be able to handle the fact that her kind mates for life?

One-Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks

Alone in Italy, a single woman boards a water taxi to an island and meets something in the ancient land she never expects to find.

The Raven's Curse by Shannon Peters

Cursed to live his days in stone, a gargoyle falls in love with the woman who shares her secrets. The only problem is -she thinks he's a statue!

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Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
October 1, 2007
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