"Terrific Addition to Remarkable Series"

Author Catherine Spangler keeps the heat on and the evil Belial creatures "in check" in book #2 of her incredible "Sentinel Series". Having read her first book TOUCHED BY DARKNESS, it did not take me long to immerse myself into the plot line especially with the very helpful glossary of terms given in the front giving new readers insight into the world of Sentinels, their purpose, their enemies, and other amazing facts of their history.

After Marla Reynolds and her sister Julia had been brutally attacked by a stalker eleven years ago, Marla has been emotionally traumatized; able to function in the work place but dead inside when it came to any kind of emotional attachment. When accompanying a friend to a local bar scene, Marla met Luke Paxton, a man who seemed to exude a combination of energy and sensual awareness Marla thought dead and buried.

Luke, a Sentinel and member of the ancient Atlantian super race, was not only attracted to the feisty, stubborn, and mouthy woman at his side, but instinctively knew she was a "conductor". A conductor being a person of the opposite sex who through a conduction could help him track down a Belian monster, who was killing off the innocents of the world. The problem Luke faced was two-fold, the conduction was accomplished with the sentinel and conductor having highly charged sexual intercourse -- only Marla was a virgin, and in the Sentinel rulebook -- untouchable!

Wow, this was a fast moving and action packed addition in the "Sentinel Series" that is completely stand alone and packs a terrific wallop. Spangler does not create a new world but brings to life a super human race from the myths of old regarding the lost city of Atlantis come to protect earths inhabitants. She brings us the advanced culture race of Atlantians who live in the Light and whose sole purpose is to expel the evil Belians from slaughtering innocent humans.

In creating Marla as the perfectly matched conductor to help Luke track down one of the evilest of their foes, Spangler throws up numerous road blocks in Luke being able to convince Marla, 1) that he is one of the good guys, and 2) to convince Marla that as much as he desires her, she is perfectly safe because the rules state a sentinel cannot have sex with a virgin! On top of that, Marla is unintentionally mind linking with the evil Belian who wants to control her.

Spangler packs this one with thrills, chills, titillating dialogs with marvelous comebacks, and a cast of wonderfully crafted secondary characters. Marla's sister Julia is introduced along with the head honcho Atlantian Adam Masters. They add additional spice to an already steamy read, while setting the stage for the third book in this series which by any indication of Julia's dislike for Adam's arrogant and superior persona is sure to be a highly combustible addition to this remarkable series. Paranormal fans are sure to love this highly recommended read while anxiously awaiting what happens next with Adam and Julia in TOUCHED BY LIGHT!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted October 1, 2007


One touch can mean the world..
Protectors... Lovers... Sentinels

Since a brutal attack on her sister eleven years ago, Marla Reynolds has been emotionally frozen. But the passion of one man-a member of an ancient superhuman race-could melt her defenses.

From the Author:

You met the ultra-sexy Luke Paxton, the leather-clad Sentinel who drives a Harley, in the first Sentinel book, TOUCHED BY DARKNESS. Now Luke gets his own story and a challenging heroine who will not readily bend to his will. But Luke is just the man to convince Marla Reynolds that it's safe to feel again. Things heat up and sparks fly as these two come together to fight the ultimate evil.

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Touched By Fire
(Sentinels: Book 2)
by Catherine Spangler

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
October 1, 2007
Available: October 2, 2007
ISBN #0425217957
EAN #9780425217955
320 pages
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