"the second in this wonderful series"

Now, forty years later Lan and Dark are still together. But there have been some hard times. Now the tribe has decided to split up and move to Canada where they feel there is more land that is unexplored. But one of the main reasons for moving was to move away from the disturbing rumors that are going around about them; those rumors saying that they were the lost Apache tribe, that their men can change into wolves. But through it all Lan and Dark are still so much in love with each other. They plan on making many more years of loving memories. But all of that changes the day that they are attacked by a group of hunters. Will Lan and Dark be able to survive this attack to live the future they both had seen for themselves? Or will their days together come to a violent end?

Night Gems the second in this wonderful series, Red Cloud Wolves by Kate Steele, explodes from the first pages til the last. I was happy to see Kate Steele continuing this wonderful story of Lan and Dark after I was lucky enough to read the first one, Silver Dreams. Lan is now the Alpha of the tribe. The two men have, through the years, built a relationship that meets each others emotional balance. I was happy to see that the author gave more information on Dark so we could get to know him like we had with Lan in the first book. This was all and more that I had been looking for in a sequel to the start of this wonderful series. I can't wait to read the next in this fantastic werewolf series.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 29, 2007


A lot can change in forty years. Landon and Dark have witnessed it all first hand. In 1889 they led Dark’s people, a free Apache tribe, into the Grand Canyon where they remained hidden -- until now.

Over the years legends have taken shape about men inhabiting the Grand Canyon -- men who turn into wolves. For the werewolf hunters who descend upon the ancient tribe, truth means very little and life even less. The thrill of the hunt is their only consideration. For Landon and Dark, the coming struggle for survival will bring blood spilled in the midst of heartache and rage. They will need every bit of courage they possess to save their people and preserve the existence of the Moon Wolf.

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Night Gems
(Red Cloud Wolves: Book 2)
by Kate Steele

Changeling Press
August 1, 2007
ISBN #159596519X
EAN #9781595965196
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