"wonderful, hot, passionate story"

Dr. Zheri Ross had been sent to see if the Planet Terrana III is able to withstand human habitation. They are much in need of finding another planet since Earth is dying. Earth is becoming too hot be able to support the needs of humans. So now it is time to find one that will. While she is seeing if it is compatible to what they need she comes across two very big black panthers fighting. It was fascinating watching the two Panthers because on Earth they have been extinct for a long time. While she is watching them to her shock the two black panthers shift into two very tall and gorgeous men that proceed to make love. Watching them making love triggers pure heat flowing through her heated body. Tal An'Rath el Tar and Cen are Panther Shifters from the An'Rath clan. They were also Bond Brothers. While the two men were playing they sensed Zheri's presence while they were loving each other. To hear her thoughts, her desires shot the two men's passions through the roof. But wait, the only way the two men could hear what she thought or what she felt was if she was their life mate. The two men are in shock, how can this woman who was an alien woman to them be their Life Mate?

Well Wow, Stormy Sommers caught me from page one with this wonderful, hot, passionate story of two Black Panther shifters that find their long lost Mate. But how could that be possible? She isn't even from their planet. Cat Tales 1: Jungle Fever exploded and just kept me drawn to the story. Stormy Sommers can write some of the hottest, erotic sex between mates that makes you want to grab your other half and share just a small amount of what they did in this wonderful story. When I saw they were Panther Shifters I just had to read it. I can't wait for the next in this wonderful series by Stormy Sommers.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 29, 2007


Sent to help explore a newly discovered planet, Dr. Zheri Ross is amazed to discover a pair of black panthers wrestling in the tropical jungle. When they shift into two gorgeous, naked men and make love before her very eyes, Zheri finds herself trapped by a passion more overwhelming than anything sheís ever experienced.

Tal AníRath el Tar and his bond-brother, Cen, have been searching for years for the female who completes their trianna, the life-bond of the AníRath clan. They are as shocked as Zheri by their desire for this alien female -- but the mating instinct is irresistible. They must have her.

But humanity will perish if they canít find a new planet to colonize. Can Zheri protect the AníRath from the invasion which will destroy their world -- and do her loyalties lie with the millions of humans who'll die if they can't get off Earth, or with the lovers who have become more important to her than her own life?

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Jungle Fever
(Cat Tales: Book 1)
by Stormy Sommers

Changeling Press
August 1, 2007
ISBN #1595967869
EAN #9781595967862
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