"Silvia Violet's characters explode off the pages"

Sabra had been working so hard and knew she needed to get some time to recoup, rest. She is just about to sink her teeth into some much needed food in the food court when she spots some hot eye candy she wants for her much deserved dessert. So when she sees an opportunity that she can meet him Sabra jumps at the chance. Sabra invites him back to her room for some Hot Steamy Lovin' that she knows this man can give her. Unknown to Sabra is that Nick is much much more than just a quick roll in the hay like she thought he would be. Given the chance he has the ability to push Sabra like no other, demand her attention the way she never would have thought possible. So when the layover she is on ends, will she be able to walk away from Nick, put him just as a hot fling? Or will she let him have the chance because he sets her on fire like no other? Nick's dominate personality makes the heat explode in Sabra, makes her feel things she never ever thought she would feel. His touch leaves her wanting more and more. Is there a future for the both of them?

The only thing wrong with this story was that it was just too darn short. But even with the shortness of this story Silvia Violet's characters explode off the pages. The way that Nick with his dominate personality made even me squirm in my seat while reading their story. Nick is one of those men that is a strong, take charge man that draws me and I am sure many other woman that read this book. It was just pure heat between the two that kept me flying until the last word. The day I was lucky enough to read Silvia Violet's books was the best day that is for sure. She is so gifted with words, the way her stories just get better and better. I look forward to reading much more by this fantastic writer.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 28, 2007


Sabra Dexter, an employee of Inter-Galactic Shipping, just completed a two-month run with a crew who couldn't find their heads if they weren't attached, rations that consisted almost entirely of beans, and the tedious job of managing every ounce of cargo on her ship. She needs a vacation and some hot sex.

When her ship docks at Cisco Station for three days, she intends to find some good food, and a man to satisfy her pent up needs. But she doesn't expect to find them in the same place. When a mix-up with her food gives her the chance to talk Nick, a gorgeous crew captain from a rival shipping company, she gets up the nerve to invite him to join her for the evening. Sabra quickly discovers that he loves dominance games as much as she does, and they spend a delightful, exhausting night together. Sabra intended to have a one-night stand, but she quickly realizes she feels more for Nick than just desire. Can a station leave liaison become a relationship, or should she cut her losses before she gives up her heart?

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Station Leave
by Silvia Violet

Changeling Press
July 1, 2007
ISBN #1595966994
EAN #9781595966995
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