"first in a sexy new series"

Luna had been so lucky when Tori had taken here in. Finding this woman gave her so much more. She was not only taken in by Tori but became the drummer of the all female band called "Shifter Sisters". See, Tori is one of the band mates that from the day she took Luna in became her family. Luna's life changed that day for the better.

The only two things Luna ever wanted out of life were to find the love of her life, and to be accepted for who she was, to feel like she belonged. But for some reason she kept picking the losers that took her and hurt her so badly that she started to wonder if she was meant to be happy. Now after being hurt yet again, Luna needed to just walk. She is wandering the streets one late night and comes across a man in a window that was playing some of the most beautiful music, it called to Luna. She just stood there listening to him play, she is so into listening that she doesn't catch that he had stopped playing his guitar and starts to pleasure his beautiful body. Luna can't look away; the beauty of watching him give his body pleasure gets her so high she is ready to explode from just watching him. Later after she walked home she can't seem to get him out of her mind. She is drawn to this man and she has no idea what his name is. So when he shows up later at the bar where she and her fellow band mates play she is shocked when he starts to stare at her. When he starts to flirt with her, she looks around wondering, is it me? Yep, it sure was. Now she knows the man's name, Sean. Oh the name fits. But Luna starts to feel more for this man and starts to wonder, will he be able to except her for who she is, what she is? Or will he be like all the other men and hurt her heart. Luna knows that if this man breaks her heart she wouldn't be able to live. She not only wants this man, she needs him to make her feel whole, loved.

All I can say is "WOW". You will not be able to put this book down. It is a tear jerker, but a good one. Sierra Dafoe has written a great start to a series that I "know" I will love. The way she writes Luna, the way she needs a man to love her for who she is. She had had her heart broken in the past by men that couldn't give her this. Could Sean be the one to break the mold and show her that all the others weren't meant for her, he is? I am eager to read the rest of these great stories in this sexy new series.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 28, 2007


One's a canine. One's a cat. And one's a vampire who hates the sight of blood. Together, they're the Shifter Sisters, a hard-rocking band of misfits who stand by each other when the chips are down -- no matter how much the fur might fly the rest of the time! Luna, the band's drummer and a werewolf by birth, has a talent for hooking up with men who only let her down. But she never gives up hope or her faith in romance, and when a sweet, sexy stranger catches her eye, Lu is convinced she's finally found the The One.

But how are you supposed to land the man of your dreams when you really do turn into a bitch at “that time of the month?” And can you ever find true love while hiding half of who you are?

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Sex and the Single Werewolf
(Shifter Sisters: Book 1)
by Sierra Dafoe

Changeling Press
April 1, 2007
Available: April 20, 2007
ISBN #1595966625
EAN #9781595966629
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