"Wonderful story of love and loss!"

Against her husband's wishes, Elizabeth A'Lex has remained at the keep, even though she knows he has good cause for his jealousy. For Liza and Conar are destined to be together and everyone knows that, including her husband, King Legion A'Lex. Knowing the confrontation with the Domination is coming soon, Liza is aware she must be at Conar's side in order for the Wind Force to win. Now with Conar at the keep, tensions are running high between Legion, Liza and Conar. In the middle of all the bickering, a storm blows in. Fighting himself all the way, Conar manages not to go to Liza, for he knows Liza is terrified of storms, always has been. Instead of Conar, Legion is comforting his wife. Eventually, the storm brings down the castle. Then Legion ends up with a broken leg and in all the confusion, Conar and Liza come together again and know they cannot live without each other. Legion throws a terrible tantrum and declares both Conar and Liza dead to him. With the castle destroyed, they all decide to go to Conar's home, Boreas, and Liza and Conar are reunited and husband and wife. Everything is going well with the two of them, when Conar's son by another woman, Regan, tries to kill Conar. Naturally, Regan uses the only blade capable of killing Conar. Instead of actually killing his father, Regan only wounds him, but very badly. When Conar is well enough to realize what happened, he knows Regan couldn't stop himself from the attempt and it was all because of Kaileel Tohre, Conar's old nemesis.

When Conar finally heals, he knows what he must do. He must confront Tohre and finally eliminate the man. The Wind Force is not going to allow Conar to go alone, nor will Liza, so off they all go to the Monastery to take on the Domination and kill Tohre.

Will the Wind Force be able to take out the Domination? Will Conar be able to kill Tohre? Will they all survive the fight?

WINDDREAMER, the sixth book in the WIND LEGENDS SAGA, is a story of deep emotions. Charlotte Boyett-Compo does a wonderful job of pulling us into the story with all its complicated relationships between the characters. We feel Conar's pain when his son tries to kill him and Liza's feelings of trying to help Regan cope with what has happened. Everything Liza and Conar go through to finally be together again is amazing. Theirs is a love meant to be. The world-building is just enough so we can understand what is occurring, but never overpowering. I have to admit, I found myself yelling at one point in this story, my emotions were so totally caught up in it. Charlotte Boyett- Compo is an excellent author and this is one series you don't want to miss.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 25, 2007


A tempestuous confrontation between the forces of good and evil intertwined with the strings of the heart. One will win and one will loose. But who's to say which will actually come out ahead? Can Conar and Liza pull together to finally overcome Kaileel Tohre and his henchmen while staying apart from the darkest desires of their heart? Will Legion A'Lex manage to keep the love he knows truly belongs to his brother? A never-ending circle of love, treachery, and heartache. The final conclusion to the Windlegends saga or is it?

A foggy dream tormenting the soul of a man obsessed or the portent of things to come? Is the Raven doomed to walk his path alone or will the love of his life step beside him through the sands of time?

A kiss of death, an embrace to last a lifetime. The ultimate sorrow or the ultimate victory? Has Conar finally rid himself of his nemesis and his demons?

LENGTH: Epic Novel

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(The Windlegends Saga: Book 6)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2007
Available: March 1, 2007
ISBN #1603940898
EAN #9781603940894
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