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This trip into the Sazi world takes us to two totally different packs. One in Texas, the other in Minnesota. Cara Salinas is the Alpha of her pack in Tedford County, Texas. She's also acting sheriff since the elected one had a stroke. Something else a bit different about Cara's pack is the fact they're Mexican red wolves, a species on the endangered list and a bit smaller than the other Sazi wolves. One night while Cara is driving along, she notices something and investigates. Turns out there was an accident and Cara finds a child. While trying to find the girl's mother, Cara is also attempting to keep the girl calm. Finally finding the car, Cara can tell the mother will die unless she can do some major healing on the woman. Even though she knows she shouldn't, Cara heals the woman. Of course, Will, a Wolven Agent and Texas Ranger and longtime friend, shows up and reams Cara out for what she did. But that's not the only problem Cara has to deal with since Will wants a meeting with her the next day. When Cara shows up at the meeting, turns out Will doesn't come alone. He has two other Sazi with him. One is Lucas Santiago, the head of Wolven, and Adam Mueller, a former Wolven Agent, now cop and second in the Minnesota pack. There was a bit of a problem with the Minnesota pack and the Council has decided they need to split. Since Cara's pack is small, the Council has ordered some of the Minnesota pack will be integrated into hers.

When Adam comes to Texas on the orders of his Alpha, Lucas finds him. They soon discover the resident Alpha was told nothing of the integration and she is understandably upset. Now the two of them must come up with a way to add families to the small community Cara lives in. And that's not the only problem either, there's rogue Sazi raptors in the area killing people and taking livestock. Of course, the fact Adam is very attracted to Cara only helps him make the decision to relocate to Texas.

Will the Minnesota people be able to integrate into Cara's pack? What kind of fall out will this create? What is going on with the rogue raptors? Will Cara and Adam be able to stop them? And what of the attraction between Cara and Adam?

MOON'S FURY once again proves the talent of this writing duo, C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. In this story, we get to see just a bit more into the life of a Wolven Agent and also learn about the different types of packs. While Cara's pack is not bound as most other packs there, most of them are family and that is what holds them together. And in Adam's pack, there is the constant fighting for position normal within the Sazi society. Of course, we also have a love meant to be in this story, as in all the Sazi stories. But MOON'S FURY ends just a little bit different. We are left with knowing something is going on and it's only hinted at in the ending. Whereas this mostly irritates me, with this series, it just gives me an excuse to continue reading them! The Sazi stories are all fantastic and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 21, 2007


Cara Salinas, the new Sheriff of Tedford County, Texas, has led her small pack of Mexican red wolves since she was thirteen.

Adam Mueller, a beat cop from Minneapolis, violated the Saziís single greatest ruleóhe allowed humans to see their kind, and must now lead his exiled timber wolves to start a new life with Caraís pack.

Cara and Adam harbor secrets that could either make them fated mates or deadly enemies. Yet they must find a way to cooperate when a flock of vicious Sazi raptors begin feeding on humans. Can they embrace their future together to save the town, or will they begin a war that could destroy them all?

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Moon's Fury
(A Tale of the Sazi: Book 5)
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp

Tor Books
October 1, 2007
Available: October 2, 2007
ISBN #0765356643
EAN #9780765356642
384 pages
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