"What to do when falling in love is a Catch-22? - An incredible Vampire Romantic Suspense!"

It is said that Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. But I think the Wolvesrain Curse, begun on the night of the Equinox over two and a half centuries ago by a young gypsy woman done wrong, may just prove that adage wrong. In conjuring her curse upon her faithless lover and his betrothed she had called down the demon Asmos to plague the condescending Amelia of Wolvesrain and all of her future heirs. They would only find love long enough to destroy it.

Damien Hancock had been reborn that night. Vampires had gathered to feed on the demon essence Camilla had called down. The vampires had destroyed what Camilla's wolves hadn't, decimating the gyspy clan as well. Damien and his brother Nicholai had become vampires that night while their two sisters had been murdered.

Damien, determined to keep his soul pure, had never tasted a drop of human blood. He had gone to work for the Cadre and had become a demon hunter instead. There he'd learned control over his own demons and had captured many others. But the last demon he had hunted had been too powerful and had claimed his partner Cara. The timing had been off on the exorcism he had performed on her, leaving Cara an empty shell. It was then that he and the Cadre had parted ways.

Now they were calling on him again, claiming a special circumstance, to protect the latest of Amelia's heirs, Emma McGovern, the last of her line. The Cadre believes that Asmos was hailed from the same demon world as the demon who had claimed Cara.

Damien agrees to meet with Emma, but is surprised by the strong feelings she generates in him. She is drawn to him as well. He is the vulnerable alpha male no woman can resist. She is the classic damsel in distress. Neither had ever expected to experience love, he because he believes he is a monster, she because of the family curse. He alone sees her beauty, not her scars. She sees into his heart and trusts him. But is this love true, or is it Asmos luring them to their deaths?

As the Equinox returns, the wolves have already returned home to Wolvesrain and with them the vampire clan that feeds on the demon's essence. Among them is Damien's brother. The essence has made Nicholai far stronger than Damien. He has his work cut out if he wants to save his beloved. But the true danger is from Damien himself, for if he follows his heart they are both doomed.

RISING DARKNESS is an incredible paranormal romantic suspense that will keep the readers on the edges of their seats, rooting for the courageous pair of star-crossed lovers until the very last page. I highly recommend this read which is the second title in the Dark Enchantments miniseries.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 18, 2007


Will the Dark Seduce You?

Demon hunter, vampire and member of the Cadre, Damien Hancock has come to Wolvesrain to help Emma McGovern defend herself against a powerful demon. For if Emma finds love—and consummates that love—the demon Asmos will fulfill a generations-old curse and claim her soul. Damien knows just how powerful the ancient demon is, but he never anticipated the all-consuming effect courageous Emma would have on him.

Having led a sheltered life within the walls of her ancestral estate, Emma senses that Damien, like her, carries too much pain and loneliness in his heart. But as their attraction proves impossible to resist, Emma fears it is the curse that is drawing them together. Can the love she has found in Damien's strong arms now help her fight the rising darkness?


Rising Darkness
(Dark Enchantments: 2)
by Cynthia Cooke

Silhouette (Nocturne)
September 1, 2007
Available: September 1, 2007
ISBN #0373617704
EAN #9780373617708
288 pages
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