"a fast-paced paranormal thriller"

Julia and Marla Reynolds knew firsthand that there were monsters in the world. Their lives were shattered by a stalker attack 11 years ago and they both still have physical and emotional scars. Added to their sensitivity, Marla is highly empathic and Julia is occasionally precognizant.

Life has taught Marla to be wary of men and she is clueless that she has ability to focus as conductor for a Sentinel. When she stops on her way home for a drink with a co-worker, she is confused by the overwhelming attraction she feels when introduced to the sexy stranger who claims to be a private investigator.

Sentinel Luke Paxton was astonished to find a 'conductor' take a seat on the bar stool near him. Time is running out... the Belian has already bombed a school bus and he needs a conductor to focus and find the Belian or more innocents will die. When Marla refused to go on a date with him, Luke misplaces his charismatic charm and uses his powers to abduct her and her dog. Now, not only does he have to convince her of Belians existence but must overcome her anger to gain her help. Meanwhile, his cover story that Marla went on holiday in Mexico is not believed by her sister, Julia who confronts Luke's superior, Adam Masters.

TOUCHED BY FIRE is a fast-paced paranormal thriller which will also appeal to readers of dark romance. Luke and Marla both have personal issues that have made them loners but they get past these to work together and focus on finding the Belian bomber. Can the trust developed by working together grow into a personal relationship? Realistic horrible events are presented and compassion is shown for victims of stalking and bombing. The Belian will not win and Sentinels with the aid of conductors will again protect the innocent, but at what cost to their teams?

Ms Spangler presents an amazing premise in the Sentinel series: reincarnated Atlantians come back to Earth to fight the evil Belians. It is not that reincarnation and past life controls their present; it only explains where their extra powers originate and their dedication to sending the Belian souls to Saturn.

You don't need to read the first book in the series to fully understand Sentinels and enjoy this story as the Sentinel hierarchy is explained when Adam is introduced. Damien Morgan and Kara Cantrell from TOUCHED BY DARKNESS are among those who assist Luke and Marla and you will want to read their story. I hope you will also be looking forward to book three, TOUCHED BY LIGHT in 2008 as I will. There we will be seeing what the fates hold for Julia Reynolds and Adam Masters.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted September 13, 2007


One touch can mean the world..
Protectors... Lovers... Sentinels

Since a brutal attack on her sister eleven years ago, Marla Reynolds has been emotionally frozen. But the passion of one man-a member of an ancient superhuman race-could melt her defenses.

From the Author:

You met the ultra-sexy Luke Paxton, the leather-clad Sentinel who drives a Harley, in the first Sentinel book, TOUCHED BY DARKNESS. Now Luke gets his own story and a challenging heroine who will not readily bend to his will. But Luke is just the man to convince Marla Reynolds that it's safe to feel again. Things heat up and sparks fly as these two come together to fight the ultimate evil.

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Touched By Fire
(Sentinels: Book 2)
by Catherine Spangler

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
October 1, 2007
Available: October 2, 2007
ISBN #0425217957
EAN #9780425217955
320 pages
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