"author's debut is a passionate read"

Raina Zharov has decided that she deserves to get one of her fantasies to come true since it is her birthday, I mean that isn't asking for too much now is it? This birthday isn't just any birthday, it is her Millennium birthday and with being a Vampire Queen. Being the Queen has gotten her lots of men, but none of them fulfilled the dream she craved and needed. And that dream is having two men in her body and at the same time, to feel a connection that only two men can make you feel. Marcus has been the only man she has loved with her body and soul, but he was killed at the hands of the vampire that was pure evil, the one that killed him, made her. So now many years later, she wants what she has needed, to have this fantasy come true to make her feel more alive and not the shell she has lived. So when she sees the men that she feels can make that come true, where does she find them ?, she finds them at the slave block of all places. And like she finds out, it is not just the average slave block, it is where men are auctioned as sex slaves, and they will have sex with anyone or anything. But when she looks at them closely she finds out they are not just any men, one is arrogant who is a leader, and the other man is the one that follows the first anywhere he may lead. So she knows she can get the follower to follow what she wants, but can she get the lead man to see what she wants, to follow what she wants? Could this man be the man/mate finally?

Johan Stone is used to doing and saying what ever he wanted or needed, no one told him what to do that is for sure. But all of that changes when he is sold to the woman called Raina who is the Vampire Queen. But Johan is not a stupid man; he knows that this might be the only choice for his best friend Zane. Zane needs help in a bad way, he is dying and Raina can save him. So Johan will do anything to save his best friend. See Zane isn't just a friend, if things had been different they would have been lovers, lovers that have been through so much, being Warriors of an elite Exodus team to a group of fallen Warriors who had been treated horribly, being sold like animals at actions, markets. But what cost will Johan pay to keep his friend alive? Can he bow down to Raina and let her have control of both of them? Johan is used to being the dominate, the one in control. Zane had kept hidden from his best friend Johan his real feelings, the feelings that share him as a submissive, but is afraid to tell Johan this. Living a lie has torn him apart; can he keep this from Johan any longer? But when Zane sees Raina he knows anything is possible. He sees Raina as their savior, the one that will bring them out of hell and into a life of pure love and fulfillment like no other. Zane doesn't even want to think of what would have happened to them if she hadn't bought them. Can Raina get the two men to see that her buying them was something that had been meant to be, that they were meant for each other?

Oh my god, I couldn't put this book down. With this being Jo Carlisle's first published story, I was pleasantly surprised. She wrote like a seasoned author that had many books under her belt, which just goes to show you what will be in her future. She showed the love and passion between all three of the main characters that just makes you feel their emotions. Then you have the evil villain on their tail that was sent to kill at any cost. This story shows you that you do have soul mates out there, and that your soul mates might not be who you expected. The way she writes just shows you a very talented, passionate author with a gift to bring her story alive. I look forward to reading more by Jo Carlisle, she is on the top of my list from now on.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 12, 2007


On her Millenium birthday, Vampire Queen Raina Zharov combats her aching loneliness by purchasing two fallen modern-day warriors from the auction block. Irresistible charmer Zane Ramsey embraces his role as the Queen's thrall, eager to fulfill her every desire. But the dark warrior…

Johan Stone was forced to sell his body in order to save his best friend's life, but no one will ever own his soul. In spite of his resistance, he is seduced into surrendering both to Raina, and the explosive sexual heat the trio experiences together rocks his world. Johan is soon falling in love with his mistress, conflicted between duty and awakened dark desires.

When Johan and Zane battle the deadly demon enemy responsible for their fall from grace, Raina must make the most heartbreaking decision of her existence — whether to betray a promise to Johan or prove her love by allowing him to die with honor.

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of male/male sex, multiple sexual partners, bondage, and violence.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic Genre: Vampire Book Length: Novel

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Raina's Fantasy
by Jo Carlisle

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2007
Available: August 24, 2007
ISBN #1419913301
EAN #9781419913303
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