"Ms. McKay delivers!"

Adrianne Harris is the sole survivor of an airplane crash; what is amazing is she was found in the burning plane without any burn marks on her. Because she was the only survivor of the plane crash the FBI believes that she had something to do with it. She does not know why she did not burn or how she mentally stopped the airplane from crashing into the airport, but knows enough not to say anything to the FBI. With the help of Nikki, her best friend and roommate, she is able to get out of the hospital without the press or the FBI finding out.

The Dragoons are an all but dead race of aliens, who can look human but are dragons; each with their own special ability. There are only thirteen males left, or so they thought until the plane crash; Adrianne projected a huge mental signal while stopping the plane from crashing and protecting herself. While she thinks she is dreaming she is contacted by Navarre who tells her who she is, the last queen Erifydal. Unfortunately, that same signal was received by the Hunter whose sole reason for being is to eradicate the Dragoons.

Adrianne and Nikki will have to survive attacks by the Hunter and his hounds while also trying to elude the FBI. Navarre and the Dragoons arrive in time to rescue Adrianne and Nikki, and she is amazed that he looks just like he did in her "dream". He is also speaking to her in head. Navarre and the Dragoons are sworn to protect Adrianne, since she is their Queen; while doing so they also teach her about their history and her special abilities. Adrianne is worried that she will not be able to live up to what they expect from her and their constant coddling of her is driving her crazy.

While Adrianne is doing all of this, her friend Nikki has been having a little fun with a different Dragoon, Quince, who has been protecting her. Will Adrianne be able to do all that the Dragoon want of her? Will Nikki be able to keep the FBI away from Adrianne without drawing too much attention to herself? Will they all be able to survive another attack from the Hunter and his hounds?

I loved this book for several reasons; Christine McKay has written a believable story in that the heroine did not just accept everything that happens, but we get to see her slowly do so. The second story line with her friend Nikki, who is a bit unconventional, adds another level and some fun, as does the ship. All the characters have some depth to them even the "bad" guys. I will have to admit I was interested in learning more about the FBI agent Cliverson, and wouldn't mind seeing him in another story. Ms. McKay is right on the money with this paranormal romance and truly delivers!

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted September 12, 2007


Ten ways to know you're an alien Queen:

10. You can stop a runaway plane, crack glass and manipulate objects with the sheer strength of your will.
9. Under a black light, your skin phosphors with a webwork of scales.
8. Thirteen hunky shapeshifting male aliens can't wait to meet you, and in order to save their dying race, they all want to sleep with you.
7. A pack of supernatural hounds and their master, the Hunter, are trying to kill you. And they will not cease until you're dead.
6. A muscular, perfectly proportioned, male alien shapeshifts into a dragon before your eyes and speaks to you via mind speech. He thinks you're destined to be his mate.
5. Your alter ego is a dragon. And yes, you can fly. 4. The FBI thinks you're a terrorist and assigns a special paranormal task force to deal with you.
3. When you become pregnant, you find yourself carrying not one but twenty-four babies.
2. Did I mention your babies hatch from eggs?
1. Your name is Adrianne Harris and you're the last queen of an alien race, the Dragoon. Their fate is in your claws.

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The Last Queen
by Christine McKay

Cerridwen Press
July 1, 2007
ISBN #1419909738
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