"a whimsical romp"

Some broad with wings and named Keely called me up and insisted I must review 'her book', so here I am. She was last seen in No Law Against Love Anthology (Highland Press, February 2005), running the Faery Special Travel Agency. But now she has her own book. The book - Faery Special Romances - one might categorize it as 'Fairytales, yet this is not nursery rhyme style stories. They are funny, adult (as in grown up not as in 'adult' material), tales that display Rogers' own brand of whimsy and incisively funny quirkiness.

Keely first appeared on the scene in "Faery Good Advice", a short story from No Law Against Love anthology, and it was soon seen there would be no holding her down. Now you get to know this sassy faery, special dispenser of romantic advice, along with a whimsical romp through the ages. Nine tales show Faeries and humans falling in love, proving love is the best thing there is. So if you are looking for a delightful book that could tickle your funny bone, try this one woman anthology and Faery capper through history. It even has naughty bits!! Rogers is a strong storyteller and demonstrates she has a wonderful voice and the vision to boldly go into Faerydom where no faery has gone before.

Tales run from medieval, to pirates, to Regency, Western and even flapper era - Faery Much in Love; Much Ado About Faeries; Faeries of the Caribbean; Faery Thee Well; My Faery Lady; A Faery Good Bet!; The Duchess and the Dirtwater Faery; Faery Foxy Flapper; Faery Hot Date; Faery Good Advice

Highly recommended. The book's royalties will be donated to The Children's Tumor Foundation to help raise awareness and bucks for neurofibromatosis. A very special book for a very worthy cause.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted September 12, 2007


Once Upon A Time, the faery princess Keely tried to match . . . . . . a misguided faery maiden and a surly but handsome knight, the pirate Devlin Angell and the ever-hopeful Myra, a faery under the ruse of Lord Kembell and a lady of nobel birth, a blacksmith and a duchess, a flapper and a barnstormer pilot . . . But can Keely keep her own heart? With faery magic, anything can happen! This enchanted carpet-ride features ten romantic faery tales, ten happy couples, and a journey through history with Keely, who grows from a kindergartener to a beautiful young faery woman.


Faery Special Romances
by Jacquie Rogers

Highland Press
May 1, 2007
Available: May 15, 2007
ISBN #0974624993
EAN #9780974624990
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