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Working as hard as Sylvia Amenabar did through the years to become one of the up and coming reporters was finally paying off. Doing what she needed to get the story made her feel alive, being out there searching for leads for a story that could make her "A Star" is just right around the corner. And of course the other favorite thing to do in life is hanging with her three best friends, Adriana, Juli and Tori. They all had the same things to talk about, men, sex, and being single; just hanging and having great fun with her girls. These three friends are the only ones that she can share her deep secrets with. And the other great thing, Carlos Ramirez, the man in her life. Carlos is a cop and one that doesn't give up easily as Sylvia finds out. He wants to find out what makes her tick, how to get inside and find a way to capture her heart forever. As things heat up with Carlos, a story breaks from his past. She wants to uncover what happened, but when she finds out one of her best friend's boyfriend could be in the middle of it makes it even harder. Sylvia needs to figure out, is a story more important than the ones she loves? Is the scoop worth tearing apart so many lives, including hers? Is her job worth losing the man she loves?

Carlos Ramirez knows how short life can be and wants to make what future they have strong and full of life and love. After he was shot in a case that had gone bad, Carlos will do anything to brake down the walls that surround Sylvia's heart, to show her that he is the man for her. But all of that comes to a pause when a story brings back a tragic event in his life that make Carlos wonder if Sylvia has her life in order, her priorities in place, a story cannot keep you warm at night, tell you they love you more then anything, can it? As time goes on and she gets more and more into the story the bridge they had between them becomes wider and wider. Can Carlos get her to realize that her job isn't everything, that life is short and if you keep putting your job before the ones that love you it will come up and bite you in the end?

I loved, loved this story. I came into this series on this book. That is the only bad thing I can say about this story. Sylvia, like many woman out there, find out that when you are trying to have a career and a lover, friends and family sometimes can be more than one person can take. Sylvia had fought to get where she is now in her career and it was starting to pay off. She has become one of the up and coming reporters in the sultry city of Miami. She has three of the best girlfriends anyone could ever ask for. They share everything, boyfriends, sex, just life. Then there is Carlos the man she is seeing and starting to fall for. Carlos has one of those jobs that can be scary, high risk, he is a cop. But when Carlos is shot in the line of duty, he starts to see that life can be short and you need to live each day to the fullest and you job is just a job, not your life. He wants to unlock the door to Sylvia's Heart, to see what makes her tick, to built on what they have because he is falling in love with her and wants more. Can he get Sylvia to see that there is more to life then her job? And it doesn't help that the big story she is chasing could include one of her best friend's boyfriend. Can Sylvia figure out that her job isn't her whole life before she loses the ones she loves? I now look forward to getting my hands on the other books by Caridad Pineiro.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted September 11, 2007


Four single girls + four sexy men = Trouble for one confirmed

bachelorette who just wants to hang with her amigas!

Reporter Sylvia Amenabar loves her vida loca. Just months ago, she and her three best friends -- Adriana, Juli, and Tori -- were happily single, hoisting mojitos at their weekly get-together. Now, everything's changed. All four women have sexy men in their lives -- and Sylvia's not sure she likes it that way.

Ever since handsome cop Carlos Ramirez took a bullet for Sylvia after an investigative report went south, she's been fighting their intensifying attraction. Sure, he's gorgeous and great in bed -- and nearly died for her -- but Sylvia has sworn never to let a man be in a position to break her heart the way her father did by abandoning her and her mother.

Besides, who has time for the whole relationship dance? Sylvia's got a reputation to maintain as Miami's hottest new journalist. But when her latest assignment threatens to smear Adriana's boyfriend, Riley, and too-good-to-be-true Carlos, and her mother is hell-bent on reuniting with her father, Sylvia finds that life and love and family aren't things you can control!


South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man
by Caridad Piņeiro

Downtown Press
September 1, 2007
ISBN #1416514899
EAN #9781416514893
304 pages
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