"Erotic Tale of True Soul Mates"

Trey awakes one night to his soul mate's screams as she is being carried away to another owner during the time of Antebellum slavery. Trey's father had given him Carlee as a companion when he was a young boy. Now, at the age of seventeen, his father fears that Trey and Carlee will take the leap from friends to lovers, which he cannot have. So, in a vain attempt to stop them from being together, he sells Carlee away, and Trey makes a promise that he will do everything he can to find Carlee, as she promises to wait for him, even if that means forever... Then, a few nights later, as Trey is laying in bed, wallowing in misery, he awakens to find a strange woman standing at his bedside. She tells him that she was drawn to him from the Shadow Mountain Cheyenne's and that she is to carry his burden until it his time to remember what has happened. And, as Trey is struggling to refuse this woman's attempts to carry his burden, she eases his fears, and it isn't until decades later that Trey will find Carlee again, in a new lifetime, but is it too late for them to be together? Because, Carlee seems to remember their past, but can she convince Trey they are soul mates, or are they doomed to stay apart for all of eternity?

Marilyn Lee writes a highly descriptive novel, taking you on the many emotional up's and down's of her characters' lives. You'll find yourself feeling the same emotions as Carlee, Trey, and the rest of the characters. Between the fights and the love-making, you'll never know what to expect. From the beginning you'll wonder whether or not Carlee can get Trey to pull through for her, and if she in return can accept his faults. The ending definitely left me with a smile on my face, and fully happy with Soul Mates as a whole. This novel is intensely erotic with strong sexual language for those who find such things offensive.

Reviewed by Denise Kivett
Posted September 11, 2007


Two souls torn apart -- and a love stronger than time

Their past… On a Virginia plantation, Carlee is torn from the arms of her family and her lover, Trey Brandauer, when his father orders her sold rather than subject the family to scandal. Clinging to Trey’s promise to find her again, Carlee vows to wait for him -- forever if necessary.

Their present… When Carlee meets Trey at a singles’ retreat, she believes they are soul mates, destined to be reunited. Although annoyed that Carlee expects him to atone for a past he doesn’t remember, Trey has never wanted any woman more. To claim Carlee, he must first convince her that he won’t hurt her again.

Their future… When Trey refuses to remember their past, Carlee fears that barring a miracle, she has lost her one true soul mate -- this time forever. How can she trust a man who’s hurt her so many times in the past?

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Soul Mates
(The Series Collection)
by Marilyn Lee

Changeling Press
August 1, 2007
ISBN #1595968128
EAN #1315959681216
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