"highly recommended werewolf romance"

After Karen Ridley is run off from a psychic community because her connection to a Wolven pack is discovered, she returns to the San Antonio Wolven pack lands. Unfortunately, a demented stalker and former lover from the psychic community has followed her and seeks her death. Karen dreads facing her former fiance and his twin, Brandon Weis. After Brandon saves her and becomes her protector, Karen realizes that she has always had feelings for Brandon. Unfortunately, stopping the psycho with the strong psychic powers won't be easy.

PMSING is a very enjoyable werewolf romance with an exciting plot and memorable characters. Ms. BeCraft-Woodall creates an intriguing world, in which, pack dynamics are detailed and believable. The relationships between the pack members is hierachical but still loving. Brandon, who was abused by a former pack leader as a child, has only recently returned to the pack after a long stint in the military. Brandon has returned a much stronger Wolven and is no longer the lowest in the Wolven social structure. While Brandon is still a tortured character, his time away has given him the strength to fight for Karen, whom he has always loved. At first, Karen is confused by her emotions, but soon learns these emotions are deeper than just hormones. Added to the strain of a new relationship, is the danger of the crazy stalker. Ms. BeCraft-Woodall kept me on pins and needles waiting for someone to catch that crazy man. All in all, PMSING is a great read, which I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted September 11, 2007


Home is where the hideout, er--heart is. Psychic Karen Ridley has been avoiding her family, the Pack, for years. When the Psychic Community turns against her, however, she heads home and right into the arms of her favorite furry childhood friend, Brandon Weis.

Lone wolf and outsider to his Pack, Brandon has struggled for years against the stigma of his youth. Now, danger stalks Karen, the one female who holds his redemption. To keep his woman safe he must claim her as his mate. But to have a future in the pack they must find a way to forgive the past.

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by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2007
ISBN #1603940340
EAN #9781603940344
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