"A journey of growth and acceptance."

Dr. Emily Jordan is exhausted after several hours of patching up the participants from the local bar's brawl. But there's one patient left. Big, bruised, cut all over, and extremely handsome, Emily knows danger when she sees it. Having had enough violence in her life, she isn't about to have anything to do with this one.

I fell in love with the characters of Thin Ice. Emily Jordan is the kind of heroine, though she has had a hurtful past and gained a lot of insecurities from it, she possesses the will to push through and remake herself. Seeing her change throughout the story is beautifully written as well as empowering.

As for Eric Cameron. He is such a, well, a guy. The talented hockey player gets thoroughly perplexed by the doctor's apparent desire and pushing him away. His exuberant love of his sport is a joy to read. And his genuine nature just breaks your heart. I so wanted these two to get together.

Thin Ice is a journey of growth and acceptance. The author captures each stage in a totally believable manner without pushing it over the top and has woven it all into a powerful story.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted September 1, 2007


The last thing ER doctor Emily Jordan needs in her life is another man to let her down, and certainly not one who uses his fists in his work. She's seen enough of the results of violence in the world, and has no use for anyone who contributes to it.

Professional hockey player Eric Cameron has never met a woman who intrigued him so much. Emily Jordan has it all?brains and beauty, a home of her own, a career she excels at, a son who adores her, and loving friends and family to help her bring it all together in way Eric has longed to be a part of his entire life. The problem is this feisty, independent woman wants nothing to do with him and has no problem letting him know it.

The memory of Emily's healing hands despite her clear-cut opinion of him when she treats him after a post-game barroom brawl drives Eric to find the key to her wounded heart, but success would mean that Emily would have to give up all that she has?and depend on a man who's life is anything but settled. Will Eric be able to win her heart despite her opposition to the only life he's ever known? Or when the season ends will he move on again--alone?

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Thin Ice
by Liana Laverentz

Wild Rose Press
February 1, 2007
Available: February 1, 2007
ISBN #1601540167
EAN #9781601540164
384 pages
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