"Erotically Passionate Romance"

This is the second story to the Little Goddess Series. Wounded can be read on its own, but you won't want to miss how it all started with Vulnerable.

Cory leaves Green's Hill, to go back to school. She is wallowing in her grief for her beloved Adrian, which leaves her wide open to be wounded. A were creature befriends her then steals her 'firsts'. Meaning all of her first memories surrounding her love for Adrian, her first kiss, her first time she made love, all of it. She wants them back!

Green loves Cory and would be her one and only, but he is a sidhe that heals through the power of touch and sex; he can't be there for her at all times. Cory's power is fueled by emotion and it's imperative that Cory find another true love to step in when Green cannot be there for her. It's the only way to keep her healthy. Green lets her go, thinking she needs to be away from him to come to terms with Adrian's death and to find another lover, but Green soon realizes he made a mistake in sending her away from the hill.

Braken is a sidhe who can call blood at will. He and Cory butt heads more times than not, but the attraction is obvious. He knows they are destined to become lovers, but he never expected it to be forced upon them because of necessity.

Nicky is an Avian were-creature. When they mate, it is for a lifetime. Rejection from this mate could mean his death. When Nicky realizes he's chosen the wrong leader to follow, he will do anything to make things right again, but he never thought it would cause him to be bounded to two people who are not in love with him.

When Cory is attacked, Green and others from the hill come to her aid. They set out to recover her lost memories, but stumble upon more than they bargained for. Together they uncover the plot that sent Adrian's murderer to Green's Hill and they come face to face with the being who feeds off other's first memories for power. Green's past comes back to haunt him and he fears it may change the way his people perceive him.

Ms. Lane's has created memorable characters that you will fall in love with. You will feel their heart wrenching grief, their genuine selflessness, and their undying devotion. You will learn more about the characters you came to cherish in Vulnerable, and you will find her new characters irresistible. At times, the sex is erotic, graphic and goes beyond gender, but it is beautifully told and is essential to the story. The emotional depth makes this tale realistic. You'll feel welcomed into Green's world upon the hill.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted September 1, 2007


Green: "If someone gives their life for you, it is because they can not bear to live in a world without you. This is a great gift and a terrible burden, and if you are going to live, you need to be grateful for the gift and prepared to bear the burden."

Cory: "I do fearsome things, when I'm touching people who love me..."

Cory fled the foothills to deal with the pain of losing Adrian, and Green watched her go. Separately, they could easily grieve themselves to death, but when an enemy brings them together, they find out what a great and terrible force love can be.


(Little Goddess Series: Book 2)
by Amy Lane

January 1, 2006
Available: January 26, 2006
ISBN #0595379141
EAN #9780595379149
362 pages
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