"Journey to a Parallel World"

Books transport us to exotic places, other realms, but when Charlotte Allen, book store owner, opens the aged tome a mysterious old woman gave her, she never imagined she'd be transported quite so literally. Or for a dark stranger to immediately pull her up on his horse, claiming he was taking her to safety.

This isn't a time-travel story but rather a journey to a parallel world that mirrors our own with a few subtle differences . . . like dragons. Wonderful powerful but unhappy dragons. Charlotte is a likeable pragmatic character who finds herself in the center of not only a war between philosophies but when she falls for the endearing Daerek Sawyer, she's also in the midst of a war between brothers. And it's his brother on the wrong side of the war that may hold the knowledge to getting Charlotte back to her world.

The author has written an intriging plot with smart and capable characters. The Rift is an exciting tale that makes you want to peek up toward the sky and see if there just might be dragons.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted August 22, 2007


When Sawyer rescues a strange woman from the deadly streets of Newburg, he doesn't expect the intense effect she has on him. Not knowing whether she is an escapee, spy or even from his world, as she insists she is not, he must keep her close to him to keep her alive.

As he plans the rebel attack on his father's city, Sawyer aids Charlotte in finding her way back with the help of his grandmother's diary. But first, they must face the dragons, his father's men and the prospect of never seeing each other again.

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The Rift
(Shifting Sideways: Book 1)
by Jennah Sharpe

Cobblestone Press
July 1, 2007
ISBN #160088153X
EAN #9781600881534
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