"a wonderful collection of tales inspiring true love"

The Object of Romance Anthology is a wonderful collection of tales inspiring true love. From Contemporary to magical, there is something guaranteed to please everyone! Each unique story has its own symbol of love that adds to its flare, from something as simple as the secret meanings of flowers, a once sought after award, a lovely blue dress, a mysterious Civil War era portrait, and last but by no means least at all, a Carved Celtic Box linked to the realm of Fairies and their magic. A must have for the collection of any lover of sweet romance and true love.

STOLEN PLEASURES by Christine DeSmet
The enigmatic portrait, The Green Lady is mysterious, beautiful and inspires so many things within people with her air of sensual majesty, but is it possible she also inspires not only love, but murder? Iris Beale, boutique owner and fabulous cook, has dated plenty of men who've arrived on her doorstep, only to later realize that they just aren't her piece of Pink Maraschino Cherry Cake! That doesn't mean she wants any of them dead.

Unfortunately for Iris and her latest ex-boyfriend, he does end up dead. After Iris does a favor for a friend, she realizes that she's dead center in the middle of a murder mystery, but the real mystery to Iris is the lovely Green Lady and also the handsome policeman determined to solve the crime, Jonathan Sparrow. Jonathan is the new officer in town, he's hoping this quaint town is just the ticket to start over, a place to put past tragedy and pain to rest. Together Iris and Jonathon must find a killer and unravel the mystery of The Green Lady before it's too late, but they find there is another mystery on their hands, is there true love at first sight?

This is a wonderfully fun read that leaves a smile on your face. Ms. DeSmet has the ability to create vivid characters with a wonderful sense of humor and chemistry galore! Add an intriguing contemporary murder mystery with a bit of historical flare and voila! I highly recommend STOLEN PLEASURES, you'll find it a sweet treat, like Iris's Pink Maraschino Cherry Cake!

SUMMER BREEZE by Linda L. Lattimer
Sophia Williams loves her vacations to Key West with her mother, it's a chance to get away from all the hardships they have endured. As hard as Sophia tries she can't seem to snap her mother back to life after the accident that took her father, an accident that left Sophia herself with her own handicap. Scott Ducan knew Sophia was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen since that day years ago when he caught her in a picture, a picture he keeps with him always close to his heart. He only hopes he can bring Sophia to see all he sees when he looks upon her, despite what she fears others see. Dr. Stewart Weingate has seen the women through so much and hopes to one day see a future of happiness come to these women who have become dear to him over the past years. Can mother and daughter aid each other and themselves in finding happiness again? Can a photo prove the truth of true love; can the love of a father long gone reach across the veil to heal mother and child? One thing is for sure, true love floats in the summer breeze and it will be the best medicine all four could ever have.

Ms. Lattimer has delivered a lovely and inspirational tale of true love overcoming all. The characters deal with tragic events in a courageous manner that leaves the reader feeling as if anything is possible, especially true love. SUMMER BREEZE is truly a breath of fresh air!

LIFE'S CHOICES by Patricia E. Gitt
Holding "The Technology Leader of the Year Award" in her hands, an award that should be the crowning glory on a fabulous career, Elizabeth Barnes knew she had reached a life changing moment. In a quest to get away from the stress of life and ponder this new awakening, Lizzy finds herself caught in what can only be described as mysterious Synchronicity. Jack Lawson, famous author, has been buried in his latest book and thought this had to be fate at work, destiny was telling him something when he accidentally albeit literally ran into the woman of his dreams these past several years. What should have been an amazing prize made the CEO of Depictions Inc., realize she was lacking something more important in life. Can a symbol of your career's accomplishments become the symbol of your new Life's Choices, choices that could lead to true love itself?

Ms. Gitt has a winner on her hands! This is a touching story whose characters come alive and you find yourself rooting for that next special moment! Once a symbol of what was thought to be success is put into a person's hands it's amazing the events that can unfold, as if by magic... or Synchronicity at hand. I highly recommend LIFE'S CHOICES, it will leave you smiling and feeling positive of what the world has in store for us all.

MR. O'GRADY'S MAGIC BOX by Karen Michelle Nutt
Aubrey Jules went to the beautiful little Bed and Breakfast to investigate a paranormal story for her magazine, Unbelievable Finds. A Celtic magic box is purportedly stolen from a Leprechaun and said to have been crafted by the fairies to grant your heart's desire. That is if you are worthy, but Aubrey has a hard time buying it, a magic box, please. But, get her story she will, so she makes a wish for her soul mate, for the box to bring her true love. All along not believing in soul mates, her one true love had broken her heart and she was now thinking with her head. Is that such a smart move when magic's afoot?

Ian Quinn left the love of his life, following a path not of his choosing, but of responsibility and devotion to his family. Ian's been raised to believe in the box, he hoped it was real anyway, thought it was real when Aubrey walked into his grandfather's inn and into his life. It's said the fairies take their own time to grant your wish, but if you are worthy, grant it they will. He can only hope he is worthy and the fairies bring him true love.

I love MR. O'GRADY'S MAGIC BOX! This was such a wonderful tale of fairy magic, true love, soul mates and inspiration. Ian and Aubrey have such wonderful chemistry you can't help but believe in the gift of the fairies. I am a believer in fairy magic and this is a very special story about its wonder. Thank you for a wonderful read Ms. Nutt!

DOUBLE BOOKED by Courtney E. Michel
Mina Tracey is a newly divorced and now single mother of a beautiful little girl. At Mina's reluctance her brother convinced her it was time to get on with life, though Mina's not sure if she will ever have a true love in her life. Cullen Porter gave up, he's had enough of the whole dating scene, he is tired of his life being his career as a landscape architect and nothing more to look forward to, maybe a vacation would do him well. Famous last words when he finds he's double booked into the same rental house, but as fate would have it, he was invited to stay! The thoughts still plagued him that he would never find anyone who would love him, for him. Those were his thoughts, at least until he set eyes on Mina, he was immediately taken by the young woman and sweet little toddler that captivated that part of him that longed for a family of his own to take care of. Is it fate? ...the answer can be found in the secret language and meanings of flowers, his passion for flowers leading him to another passion that also must be true love. But, can he convince Mina?

Ms. Michel has created a very sweet story of two people finding their way to the magic of being in love, for real, a true love. The use of the hidden messages behind flowers truly captivates my heart. You also get to enjoy the picturesque scenery that Ms. Michel paints in her wonderful story... I can picture the Red Garden in all it's splendor, do read this story!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted August 13, 2007


Five stories, each surrounding an object that defines a romance, brings love and proves the everlasting rapture of passion.

Mr. O’Grady’s Magic Box by Karen Michelle Nutt

Stolen Pleasures by Christine DeSmet

Summer Breeze by Linda L. Lattimer

Life’s Choices by Patricia E. Gitt

Double Booked By Courtney Michel

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The Object of Romance
by Christine DeSmet, Patricia E. Gitt, Karen Michelle Nutt, Linda L. Lattimer, Courtney E. Michel

Beacon Books Publishing
September 1, 2007
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