"A Charming Time Travel Romance"

Jennifer MacLeod McKinnon has returned to her Manhattan flat to discover that it's been robbed for the third time topping off a perfectly disastrous evening. Not that it had started out that way, Jennifer had been asked at the last minute to fill in for the extraordinary Victor Bourgeois to play a Paganini violin concerto, a dream performance. She'd been dressed like Cinderella and had attracted the attention of the gorgeous Maestro Michael McGillicuty, but the conductor had turned out to be no prince charming. Where to find a knight in shining armor? Definitely not in the Big Apple, so when Jennifer's big sister Megan invites her to England she jumps at the opportunity.

Eight hundred years in the past medieval knight Nicholas de Piaget is weary of his grandmother's attempts to marry him off to the fine ladies of the King's court. Not a one has been interested in him for more than his wealth. For all that, few could even overlook his murky past, and not since his stepsister Amanda had married another had any woman cared for the state of his heart. He's certain his fate is to grow old and fat in his run down, leaky castle until fate brings him into the path of a lovely, feisty, red headed damsel in distress.

Jen had made a stop in Scotland to visit her (many times removed) uncle, Jamie MacLeod, a seasoned time traveler and former medieval laird. There she had listened to tales of time travel and experienced a little sword play. In spite of her maps she'd gotten lost on her way back to England and stumbled upon a derelict castle which had given her the oddest sense of déjà vu. Still reeling from that feeling, Jen is stunned to realize that she's about to be robbed once more when she takes a step backward and finds herself in an even worse pickle. She's not in Kansas anymore and it's more than likely that she's about to be accused of witchcraft.

Fortunately Jen's not a stranger to time travel and luckily the de Piaget brothers are chivalry personified. Monty seeing her suddenly appear out of the grass is convinced that Jen's a fairy like his new brother-in-law Jake (modern day hero of Much Ado in the Moonlight). Older brother Nick notes her clothing and is sure she's of Jake's ilk. Unfortunately he'd paid little heed to Jake's wild tales of the future. One thing he knew for sure, if any of those stories were true the beauty who had stolen his heart at first glance would soon be scurrying for the next time gate back home.

But when Jen's gate fails to return her home, Nick begins to hope that he can buy the time to woo and win her. Jen unaware that Nick knows her secret fears she will lose him when he learns of the truth. But Nick has a secret of his own, the location of Jake's time gate. Will Jen forgive him when she learns that all he has to offer is a forever kind of love?

The Boar's Head Trio, Jen's three ghostly matchmaking ancestors are at it again! When I Fall in Love was a hilarious romantic romp as only Lynn Kurland can write. Poor Nick has to deal with his gloating siblings, his scheming grandmother, her shrewish marriage prospects and is forced to eat crow with his futuristic brother-in-law all while wrestling with his own conscience and losing his poor heart to a woman whose experienced luxuries he's never even dreamed of. Will a fortnight be enough to convince her that chivalry is more appealing than chocolate? When I Fall in Love is a charming tale that I highly recommend.

Now that all the McKinnons are happily wed, dare I hope that Zachary Smith will finally get his turn?

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 13, 2007



Nicholas de Piaget is finished with demoiselles more interested in his riches than his heart. He is certain he'll spend the rest of his life in his leaky castle, watching others enjoy wedded bliss, until he stumbles upon a flame-haired maiden in distress. His honor demands that he help her return home—if only his heart would allow it.

Jennifer McKinnon is convinced that there are no more knights in shining armor—at least not in Manhattan. Then a chance trip to England leaves her wondering if a happily ever after might be in her future. Little does she know that a hero of legendary chivalry awaits her. . . eight hundred years in the past.

But desires of the heart and dangerous secrets threaten to tear them apart, and only time will tell if true love can lead them to a fairy-tale ending. . ."


When I Fall in Love
(de Piaget: Book 10)
by Lynn Kurland

Jove Pubns
April 1, 2007
Available: April 24, 2007
ISBN #0515142964
EAN #9780515142969
464 pages
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