"Another Fantastic Book in a Phenomenal Series!"

Candace Sams has produced another outstanding book in the 'Tales of the Order' series. The Craftsman continues where Goblin Moon left off as Gawain O'Malley is trying to put his life back together after the loss of his friends and right hand in a tragic kiln fire. A fire he believes he is responsible for.

As the Craftsman for the Order that live in a secret shire in the English country, he is responsible for the majority of the income brought in from his creations that are sold to the present day/outside world under the name of Deforest. However the great loss he feels since the fire has left him a shell of man. So he retreats into himself and drugs to help suppress the pain and runs away.

It is Shayla, the leader and sorceress for the Order, which finds him up in Scotland and returns him to the Shire. She decides it is time to bring in some outside help and enlists the Brownies. Their leader Troda, once a mentor/master to Gawain, brings his granddaughter Wren and her possible betrothed Wyckam.

Upon introduction to the craftsman, Wren experiences a 'quickening' or love at first site. And Gawain for the first time feels a measure of peace/serenity the moment he looks at her. It is from this meeting he learns the Brownies will be helping him to focus and return to his craft to produce more art and save the shire from financial ruin.

That night under the full moon, Wren goes to the worksite to ask the Goddess for her blessing for their work and to meditate. Gawain comes upon her and is drawn into the meditation which connects them with a shared vision and entwines their hearts even more.

However just as life and love return to Gawain he finds out the fire was not his fault but rather intentionally set by a traitor amongst the Order. Will the fragile beginnings of their new love be enough to dampen the burning need to avenge his friends? Or will Gawain seek redemption by taking matters into his own hands and defy the Order?

Ms. Sams has a solid hit with this series. Her creativity, compassion, and endless magical wisdom help to make The Craftsman and all prior books in this series a phenomenal read. Simply outstanding, I truly hope this series doesn't end.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted August 12, 2007


The Craftsman
(Tales of the Order)
by Candace Sams

Titan Press
March 1, 2006
Available: February 28, 2006
ISBN #1598361120
EAN #9781598361124
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