"Super Regency Set Drama - Sensual"

For all those paranormal readers who believe in ghosts -- get set for a wild ride with the start of a fabulous new series by author Jocelyn Kelley! Starring in the series are three sisters, China, Jade and Sian Nethercott, with this first book featuring the middle sister Jade.

The three Nethercott sisters were living quietly in the country, still mourning the loss of their beloved father when Jade heard a voice ("Murder most foul...") coming from a very bright light. Soon what materialized from the light was Sir Mitchell Renshaw who had been murdered recently and could not rest until his murderer had been convicted. Now he didn't actually see the murderer but knew that it was Lord Gideon Bannatyne, the brother of his beloved fiancÚ, Lady Persis. Sir Mitchell persuaded Jade into helping him prove Bannatyne his murderer by infiltrating the demimonde. In so doing Sir Mitchell promised her he would see about bringing her father's spirit back so Jade could speak with him and prove once and for all her father's theory on the existence of ghosts was true.

Gideon is all that is devilishly handsome and Jade is confused over the rumors of his dastardly reputation especially when accused of another murder, he risked arrest rather than jeopardize Jade's reputation for being alone with him. Wishing she could tell Gideon the truth of why she needed to infiltrate the demimonde, Gideon introduced Jade to Sharla MaGuire, who would instruct her in the behavior of a courtesan. In return, Jade would bed him in seven night's time, and then stay with him for 30 days after that. But the way Jade was succumbing to his charm, she would be ready sooner than the seven days!

*** What remarkable characters the author created in a new series that I personally will certainly be looking forward to. Hey, I am one of those who only WISH I could see a ghost! Regardless of what my wishes are this tome gave me everything I look for in a story. Gideon and Jade were truly likeable lead characters and were well-defined. I loved Gideon who was so sure of himself when it came to Jade, recognizing at once that she was special and more than brave, when she confidently approached him at the Duchesses ball, when so many others shunned him. His double entendres, which seemed to flow right over Jade's head, leant a very sensual theme to most of their dialogs which were witty, spirited, and fresh.

Sharla MaGuire was a superb secondary character, as she attempted to teach the tricks of the trade to Jade, who was not always the most apt pupil. Some of the scenarios were real show stealers. As far as the ghostly Sir Mitchell went, he was as arrogant and obnoxious dead as he was in life providing a few chuckles here and there when Jade grew more than exasperated with him!

The mystery of the true murderer, along with the scrapes Jade and Gideon continued to land in throughout the story made this a very fast-paced and sensually laden read. Like me, especially if you love stories with ghosts, you should be held fast and genuinely satisfied with author Jocelyn Kelley's first entry in this new series and be looking forward to more from the talented pen of this author.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization, for

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted August 11, 2007


Her dear father died before convincing people of the existence of ghosts, so Jade Nethercott and her sisters set out to prove him right. Meanwhile, a ghost named Renshaw reveals to Jade his murderer's identity-Lord Bannatyne, notorious rake-so that she might protect Renshaw's fiancee. A nervous Jade finagles a meeting with Bannatyne, but he proves to be anything but rakish when he risks arrest rather than ruin Jade's reputation. Now she must decide whether to heed the ghost's warning-or follow her heart...


Lost in Shadow
(The Nethercott Tales: Book 1)
by Jocelyn Kelley

Signet (Eclipse)
July 1, 2007
ISBN #0451221710
EAN #9780451221711
304 pages
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