"Intoxicating Regency Set Vampires"

Picking up thirty years after Thompson's BLOOD MOON left off, the author comes around with another stellar entry in her vampire series featuring a grown up Joss Hyde-White, the child conceived between Cassandra and Jon Hyde-White during their 'blood moon' ritual.

Joss knows he is the child of shape-shifting vampire hunters ever since puberty when he discovered he could shape-shift; but now other feelings were starting to emerge and he knew he must find his parents to have them explained. Not finding them in London he set out for home in a storm that turned into a blizzard. Along the way, Joss came upon a stranded coach in which a wolf leapt out. Inside he found four mutilated bodies, and a young woman, half frozen but still alive. Bringing her home to Whitebriar Abbey would save Miss Cora Applegate's life, but in falling in love and trying to protect her from a vile creature bent on hurting the Hyde-White family might cost both their lives and possibly their very souls.

What a tremendously exciting sequel to Thompson's first book in this wonderfully conceived and edgy vampire series where Thompson takes a new look at vampires while putting her own spin onto some preconceived notions of what they can and cannot do. In this entry she introduces the son Joss, of the former books H/H. Born of two vampires who had escaped the curse of blood-thirst, they watched Joss grow, knew he could shape-shift but knew not what other vampire traits he might inherit. This left Joss, who was just now beginning to exhibit some strange exotic feelings, to have to determine what was happening to himself.

In fashioning Miss Cora Applegate the author created a traumatized young woman whose past dictated her determination to never trust or let another male dominate her. Cora's secret shame and her unwillingness to trust Joss, made for some hotly contested maulings in which Joss came out the loser in trying to keep the little spit-fire safe. The heroine Cora was quite a handful as she tried to ignore the attraction of Joss, adding additional angst to a dangerous situation but redeemed herself when she made a supreme sacrifice for love.

In bringing back the centuries old gypsy vampire hunter, Milosh, the author enabled the reader to discover through Milosh's explanations to Joss what he was experiencing as well as relating stories of Joss' parent's roles in attempting to slay the vile vampire Sebastian Valentin. Just as in the first book of the series this one slipped into high gear right from the start and didn't let up it's furious pace until the very end as Joss accepted his vocation to join THE BROTHERHOOD of vampire hunters to help wipe out the blood thirsty vampires and try to destroy the vilest of them all Sebastian Valentin.

I'm sure that this second installment by Dawn Thompson will thrill both Regency addicts as well as Paranormal fans alike with her passionate and sensual love scenes, fresh vampirism insights and compelling action. Personally, I am foaming at the mouth for the next book THE RAVENING (March 2008) featuring Milosh which promises to be the well worth the wait.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization for

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted August 10, 2007


Joss Hyde-White left London for answers about who and what he was. What he found, with night falling, Cornwall consumed by a snowstorm quickly obscuring the road, was a carriage--a brougham by the look of it--its snow-covered horses standing like two ghosts, and a scene of horror interrupted within. A chestnut-haired beauty lay prone, requiring his assistance. But safety was not easily provided.

On this night that brought to mind vampires and the foulest creatures of myth, through the whirling snow and growing darkness, it was difficult to tell man or woman from beast. From this moment forward, no one and nothing could be trusted--not even his own instincts, be they to kiss or kill. Joss was on the road to the truth, and that would lead to the secret of his parents, to the Blood Moon Rite of ancient Persia, to the enigmatic Milosh, the Gypsy, and...THE BROTHERHOOD.

From the Publisher The second in the BLOOD MOON Series. Book 3 coming Spring of 2008 - THE RAVENING.


The Brotherhood
(Blood Moon: Book 2)
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
July 1, 2007
Available: July 31, 2007
ISBN #050552726X
EAN #9780505527264
352 pages
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