"Setheus is simply incredible"

Seth Raleigh is a mysterious enigmatic man radiating pure masculine strength and also amazingly drop dead gorgeous, well not dead technically. As one of three of God's most feared and powerful warrior-angels he has sacrificed himself and been cast down from Heaven in order to guard Hakion's Stone and protect mankind itself. Fallen from God's Grace, Seth walks the Earth as an immortal, and something so much more. After thousands of years of sacrifice and service as a warrior Seth finds his greatest battle may lie within the heart of one woman named Sabrina.

Sabrina Hart learned at her mother's death bed a secret that would change her world forever. Now she's on a search for answers, is the legend of Hakion's Stone real? Are the rumors surrounding the mysterious Seth Raleigh true? Is any of this real or is all of this just a delusion brought on by her mother's cancer? Sabrina simply must find out, her search leads her straight to another question. Can she ever hope to resist the most magnificently handsome man she's ever seen? Instantly drawn to him she knows he could hold the answers she seeks. She never bargained for the desires he would awaken in her, or Seth's desire to answer those burning needs, as well as answer her questions.

In the midst of a whirlwind of emotional and sexual heat that overwhelms them both, a battle of good and evil is very real and very dangerous and spilling into Sabrina's life. Can Seth protect Sabrina from the dangers that come with the quest she is on? What will the future hold for mankind and for them as well? Setheus and Sabrina will find out, together, because finally there might just be solace in the midst of a sacrificial fall from God's Grace.

Ms. Lyons has done it again! Setheus is simply incredible and the strength of Sabrina is amazing. It is clear with every book written by Ms. Lyons that she does her research well, her writing shows her rare ability to weave historical fact into an incredible work of fiction. For those of us that truly love our history that is a blessing. The excellent choice of music she references is the perfect touch to the storie's background as well as great music! I only hope this is not the last book for the Seraphim, I want more! As always, Rene Lyons does not disappoint her fans!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted August 6, 2007


He fell from grace to protect humanity—and found Heaven in her kiss.

After her mother’s deathbed confession changes everything she’s ever believed, Sabrina heads out on a quest to find out who—and what—her father was. Instead, she finds Seth, a man whose life is as steeped in secrets as her own.

Thousands of years ago, Setheus made the ultimate sacrifice. He gave up Heaven to protect humanity from Hell. For years he has waited, biding his time for Sabrina to come to him for answers. But he is unprepared for the feelings her arrival awakens in him.

As Seth and Sabrina discover a love that burns brighter than the light of Heaven, a deadly threat overshadows their happiness. Before they can find peace with each other, they must confront an enemy that would unmake the world…

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(The Seraphim)
by Rene Lyons

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2007
ISBN #1599985373
EAN #9781599985374
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