"a powerful and tightly-woven adventure"

Kieran MacArthur is a War Dancer, a fierce and magical warrior of yore with hundreds of years of blood on his hands and loneliness in his heart to spare. When the Lady of the Lake charges him with a task of monumental importance to the existence of the human race and the world it inhabits, Kieran's life is about to drastically change.

Archeologist and history professor Theresa (Tess) Shank is having a bad day, if not a bad several months and year. Yanked off a project after her report of an excavation is weeks overdue, her job at the University of Mexico is in jeopardy. To top things off, her husband has run off to South America with a red-headed bimbo to find himself. Now Tess faces the daunting task of pulling her life back together and figuring out how to keep her house and her job after said husband has absconded with all of the couples' savings.

Divorced and disillusioned, Tess spends the better part of a day at the river feeding the ducks and dwelling on her bleak future before deciding to go home and properly wallow in her misery with a junk-food orgy. Her plans take a significant turn for the worse when, curious, Tess follows a noise and movement in the bushes where a very large, very unconscious man lay — in a skirt no less!

Initially assuming that she has stumbled upon a bum sleeping off a drunk, Tess moves in closer to investigate and see if she can help only to have the tables turned on her when the strange man with the even weirder fashion sense comes to and wrestles her to the ground beneath him.

What transpires next is the beginning of a fantasy to beat all fantasies when Tess discovers that the man she has mistaken for an insane if sexy geek is in fact a warrior from the past sent to retrieve the legendary sword, Excalibur, before the Queen of Darkness, Maab, can claim it to wreak havoc upon the mortal plane and all its inhabitants. And Tess thought a runaway husband and losing a job were her biggest woes.

Gorgeous and virile beyond belief, Kieran is an ancient man's man and fearless soldier over which any female from his own time would drool. Tess is the spirited modern woman who thinks he is a colossal chauvinist pig to whom she wouldn't give the time of day under normal circumstances, but the circumstances aren't normal. Tess is also Kieran's match in every way, the only woman capable of bringing the brave War Dancer to his knees and drawing forth the sensitive protector buried beneath centuries of emotional abuse and isolation.

Ms. Jason has written a powerful and tightly-woven adventure with equal measures of humor and urgency, but above all else, SOUL SACRIFICE is a story of a love so strong and timeless that no immortals or demons can rent it asunder.

From the first, deadly fight sequence in the Prologue when Kieran defeats the demon Lardagh to the exciting and heart- wrenching final battle between good and evil, Ms. Jason grabs the reader by the throat with her evocative descriptions, cleverly crafted prose and engaging, universal characters that jump off the page and she doesn't let go until the last page is turned.

SOUL SACRIFICE is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance, but especially fans of time travel and quest fantasy, and a book I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted August 4, 2007


Kieran MacArthur, a hardened eleventh-century warrior trained since childhood to conquer not only his every fear, but all that dwells between the realms, is a man with a purpose: the Lady of the Lake has sent him nine-hundred years into the future to retrieve the sword Excalibur, the only weapon capable of stopping the darkest forces in the universe from unleashing their wrath upon the planet.

With a massive demon army on the march, led by the vengeful and merciless demigods of old, Kieran cannot afford to make any mistakes. He’s been warned never to touch the modern woman destined to aid him in his quest, and he is determined not to fail…or there will be hell to pay.

When he finds Tess, however, everything changes. Together, Kieran and Tess discover that they must face a danger far greater than the hunters sent to stop them…

They must battle love.

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Soul Sacrifice
by Elisabeth Jason

Aspen Mountain Press
November 1, 2006
ISBN #1601680171
EAN #9781601680174
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