"a tale that leaves the reader breathless"

Dawn Thompson, who also writes as Dawn MacTavish, is best known for her regency era historicals, often with a paranormal theme. From the lighter Highwayman tale (The Marsh Hawk) to her shapeshifter debut (The Ravencliff Bride), and now, she's pushed into dark, sexy, savvy Regency vampire tales that please romance readers and non- romance readers alike in the Blood Moon series (Blood Moon; The Brotherhood; The Ravening.)

However, in her first book for Kensington Aphrodisia, she offers us yet another facet of her immeasurable talent - erotica historical fantasy. This book literally held me spellbound. Thompson is one of the most beautiful, lyrical writers out there. Her prose nearly sings. She really sets that quality loose in conjuring this erotic fantasy. Meg was accused of being a witch, so she is banished to the Isle of the Mists. Far away from everyone, she is intrigued when she spies the seals coming ashore late one night. From her darkened window, she watched enthralled, as she soon sees they are not seals, for they shed their pelts and turn into dozens of beautiful males and females. Naked, their glistening shapes contort, writhe, as they began a mating orgy. But then Meg can barely breathe as she sees him--the Lord of the Deep.

Meg faces a fate of giving her virginity to the shaman of a cult, and groomed to be a priestess, only that night as she watches the Selkie Leader on the beach, suddenly, her life takes a new path. In return, he spies Meg watching him and now wants her. Simeon is tired of his Selkie consorts, and is desirous of something "more" to his life. At first he carries Meg off, thinking after they had sex, he would lose interest, as he had with so many others, but Meg is different, and he wants to keep her. Only Meg cannot exist long in his world, nor he in hers. Add in other factors working to keep these two lovers apart, you have a rousing more ways than one!

Once again, Thompson draws strongly on historical lore, then refashioned the myths and legends into her very own tale that leaves the reader breathless. The first of at least four "Lord" tales, Thompson hits her strike with this book from page one and doesn't stop, leaving you eager for Lord of the Dark, the next book in the series.


Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted August 4, 2007


Desire that knows no limits....

Accused of witchcraft and banished to the Isle of Mists, Meg is utterly alone, until the night the selkies appear for a moonlight orgy, glistening wet, proudly naked. As beautiful bodies entwine and shapes shift within the sea, a man comes forth from the waves--and what a man he is...

Strong and masterful, the Lord of the Deep enchants her...and Meg must surrender. Only he can satisfy her virgin longings--and her darkest desires...

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Lord of the Deep
(Elementals: Book 1)
by Dawn Thompson

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
August 1, 2007
Available: August 28, 2007
ISBN #0758221797
EAN #9780758221797
304 pages
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