"a "hot" Summer anthology"

Chasing the Dragon by Megan Kerans

Jade Ahnat knows she is on a mission that must succeed. She needs to go and find a rare Dragon's Eyes Seeds from a real dragon. The seeds are needed to help cure her sister who has the Dark Sickness. But it isn't just her sister that needs the cure, it is thousands of people. This cure will help to stop the painful agonizing death that they all will go through before they die. Can she not only get the Dragon Seeds, but also do it in time to save not only her sister, but all the people? Raj Cad is the Dragon that Jade will need to find to help her with what she needs. But at this point he does not want to help the United Planetary Federation, they have done him no good and have betrayed him and killed his friends and Warprinces. But of course all of that changed when he got his first look at Jade. He wants this woman so much he is more than willing to help, but he also puts in the stipulation that she must submit to him for twenty-four hours, then he will give her the Dragon's Eyes Seeds. But after the day is over will one day be enough for them both? Enough time to share the desire that they both share for each other that has built into something else?

Devon's Vix by Rebecca Airies

After the night she was bitten by a rogue vampire Jessie starts to notice that she is going through changes. But not only is she trying to make it through the changes, she also has been marked for death by the vampires. Oh life is so great. She is marked by the Anti vampire society for being who she is. Her life is going through enough turns and curves that when Devon Knight reappears in her life, it couldn't have come at a better time; well in a way. See she had broke it off with him when she found out what he was, a vampire. Can he help her through the changes her body is going through, and help her since she is marked for death? Since the day she had broke it off, she's never stopped thinking of him. Devon has felt the same way, he has never stopped caring or missing Jessie. So when he finds out she is in danger and has been bitten all he wants to do is help her and try to keep her safe. As they get together passion and feelings come alive again. Will they be able to keep Jessie alive long enough to have that relationship that they both deserve? And will they win against the people that want her dead?

Gillian's Island by Lani Aames

Thank god they made it to the Island. Both couples had wondered if they would after their boat had sunk in the sea. They make it to the Island called the Pirate Keys, and Gillian is no good thanks to her hurt ankle. So she is left behind with Brandt while Paige and Tony go off to try to find someone that can help them. But you can still have fun when you can't walk, as Gillian soon finds out. She and Brandt find some, ummmm privacy to explore each other. So while the two of them are having their, ummmmm fun, Paige and Tony have their own troubles. They are not getting along as well as Gillian and Brandt are. They've had problems that need some work before they can share the passion they feel for each other. But being shipwrecked maybe the best thing for them, it has shown them that nothing, nothing matters more than the love they share for each other. So can these two couples see how lucky they are to have not only survived this accident, but that they survived with each other?

Taking it All by Cheyenne McCray

Lisa's life is like most any average person's life, boring and not that exciting. But that changes the day she runs into a man with her car. While she is expecting him to be mad and ask her for her insurance card and information, he does the total opposite; he asks her out for a drink. She is so shocked that before she even really thinks about it she tells him yes. Brad Akers is one of those men that his life is anything but average or boring. He is any woman's dream as Lisa says. Brad is into another world compared to what Lisa knows or ever dreamed of. The things he awakens in her, the way he touches her, and when he spanks her for the first time, the heat he causes her body is molten. Lisa allows him to show her how erotic and special it is for a woman to give herself over to a man by being bound and spanked. And Brad is the man to show her all of this new world, BDSM. Lisa will give anything to Brad, but in the end will it be just her body she gives him?

Viking's Pledge by Melany Logen

Mista's fears her Master even though he hasn't laid a hand on her. The only thing he has done as of yet is offer his protection over her; so why does she fear him so much? But all that changes when he comes back after being away for months. His lust for her is stronger than ever, and it seems he has awoken something inside of her, because now she finds she wants him also. But when you look at the rules a slave is way below a Warrior, so her being only a slave makes her unsuitable to be his wife. Mista is torn, she feels such strong feelings for her Master, Raynor, but she also misses her homeland, Ireland. All Raynor wants is to give Mista anything her heart desires, even her freedom if he must to see her happy. But as the time draws closer for her to go home to her homeland of Ireland, Mista realizes that her feelings for this man have become stronger than wanting to go home. That the home she has now, with Raynor, is the home she really wants and loves. Is it too late?

Wendy's Summer Job by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Wendy Cole didn't know what she was going to do with her life now that her Stepmother has stopped sending her the funds for college. All Wendy knows is that she must make some money some how. So when she gets wind of a receptionist job, she goes with bells on. That is when she sets her eyes on a darkly, gorgeous man, Drake Quinlan, the co-owner of the business she is trying to get the interview with. This man is any woman's dream to work for and to love. But what she learns is an eye opener for sure. See Drake and his two brothers Kyle and Lance, don't just share being brothers, they share the woman that is lucky enough. The brothers are looking for not only the right woman that attracts them all, but the woman that is willing to play with them all. Is Wendy that woman?

This Anthology features some of the best authors that Ellora's Cave has to offer. I was lucky enough to read this well put together set of stories. The stories from all the authors were very strong, and well rounded. Of course with Chasing the Dragon by Megan Kerans, I loved the storyline of the dragon, and him being Master over here, that to me is "Hot". Of course Devon's Vix by Rebecca Airies, was a strong vampire story. I loved the love story that now after her being bitten, brings them back together. Gillian's Island, by Lani Aames, was a quirky story that was funny, but also serious because of the troubles that Paige and Tony had gone through in their relationship. To see that life is too short and love prevails. Taking it all by Cheyenne McCray, told the story of how an every day woman, like most of us out here are, can draw a gorgeous strong man to master over her and wake up the dream of that by reading a story like this one. Viking's Pledge by Melany Logen , is a story of how fear can cause you to stand back. But when you are away from a person, it makes you see that that person is who you want, and the fear is from how they make you feel. Then you have the last story, Wendy's Summer Job by Charlotte Boyett- Compo, this author has always known how to write a great story, and this one is no different. This story was pure "Heat", but there was so much more than that which made it well worth your time to read. The way these three men made her feel was so erotic, but also beautiful. What woman has not dreamed of something like this happening to them? All of us.

I enjoyed this anthology very much and I want to read it over and over again; a "Great" book.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted July 22, 2007


Chasing the Dragon
Megan Kerans

Captain Jade Ahnat is on a mission to acquire the rare Dragon's Eyes seeds from the only source — The Dragon. The seeds are the only cure for the Dark Sickness, the only way to save her sister and thousands of innocent people from agonizing death. Success will also bring Jade a promotion to general.

Raj Cad, The Dragon, has no desire to assist the United Planetary Federation that betrayed him and massacred his fellow warprinces. But once he sets eyes on Jade, he desires her enough to make her submission for twenty-four hours part of the price for Dragon's Eyes seeds. But after the day is up, can Jade be willing to give up the role her people and family expect of her in order to follow her own desires?

Devon's Vix
Rebecca Airies

After a single bite from a rogue vampire, Jessie Coulter discovers she's changing. If that wasn't bad enough, she's been marked for death by a fanatical anti-vampire society. Even then, she was certain she could handle it. But she couldn't handle Devon Knight's sudden reappearance in her life. She'd broken off her relationship with him when she'd learned he was a vampire.

Devon hasn't been able to get Jessie out of his mind. When he discovers she's in danger and transforming into a vix, he's determined to protect her. Even as danger gathers around them, desire flares. They'll have to confront their enemy and win or lose any chance at a life together.

Gillian's Island
Lani Aames

After a storm at sea sinks their boat, two couples are stranded in a small chain of islands called the Pirate Keys. Gillian's sprained ankle makes her unable to travel, so she and Brandt wait while Paige and Tony cross difficult terrain to find help.

Paige and Tony run into problems with both their mission and their relationship, but discover that nothing matters more than the burgeoning love they share.

Gillian and Brandt take advantage of their privacy to explore their deepest desires, and a centuries-old mystery draws to an unearthly conclusion on Gillian's island.

Taking It All
Cheyenne McCray

Lisa Peterson's life is boring and average — until she runs into a man. With her car. Instead of asking for her insurance card, he asks her out for a drink. What can she say, but yes?

Brad Akers is anything but average. He's sexy, witty, interesting, and a man with muscles in all the right places. Lisa experiences things she'd only dreamed of — turning over control and allowing herself to be bound and spanked for his pleasure and hers too. As he draws her deeper into his world of BDSM, she has no qualms about taking it all — especially if that means Brad.

Viking's Pledge
Melany Logen

Mista is terrified of her master, the warrior Raynor. Yet he has never touched her in any way, only offered her his protection. When he returns from a six-month voyage, however, his lust is uncontrollable — and Mista finds him irresistible. But a slave is not a suitable wife for a warrior, and her longing for her native Ireland is more than she can bear.

Raynor will give her anything, including her freedom. As the time approaches for her to return to her homeland, though, Mista realizes she might have given up the only home she knows — or wants.

Wendy's Summer Job
Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Wendy Cole has been given the boot by her evil stepmother and there will be no more college tuition for the budding actress. With her funds cut off and her credit cards frozen, the young woman knows she'll have to support herself.

Responding to a receptionist wanted sign in the window of an automotive shop, she comes face to face with hunky Drake Quinlan, co-owner of the shop. Darkly handsome with a killer smile to go along with a devastatingly well-honed body, he's just the kind of man for whom Wendy would love to work.

But there's a catch: Drake and his two brothers, Kyle and Lance, enjoy very intimate, sharing games that only certain, extraordinary women would be willing to play. The right woman is the one they are looking for and they've got their eyes on Wendy.

A delightful romp through the fertile imaginations of three delightful men who are seeking Miss Right. Only serious players need apply.


Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous / E-rotic
Genre: Vampire / Paranormal / Historical / Futuristic / Contemporary / BDSM
Book Length: 6 Person Anthology

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Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction II
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Lani Aames, Cheyenne McCray, Rebecca Airies, Megan Kerans

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2007
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