"a fast paced military, vampire romance"

Ursula Carlson had been born to be a military woman, strong and a natural leader. She wanted to further herself and prove that just because you are a woman, doesn't mean you can't be in the military. So when she has great success on the last few missions, she was hoping that would show how good she is and they would be anxious to advance her in rank. The missions went so well also due to the elite vampire force. When she gets word of what her next mission will be, her dreams turn to horror when she learns what it all entails. The Vampires she has worked with and gotten to know quite well are in danger from the government she works for. Ursula knows she must contact the Elder Turi, even at the cost of her career and her life, and tell him what is going to happen. With the help of two "Damn Hot" Vampire Fighters, Max and Solomon, she tries to beat what the Military has planed. As she works with Solomon, she feels pure heat and attraction that shocks her to her toes. And when he returns the attraction, oh that makes what they are going against a little less scary. As they work with each other, the danger and threat causes them to grow closer. But can these two go against the Government she has worked for and survive? Will one or both of them make it through this so they might have a future together?

I am one "Great Big Fan" of vampire stories, and these two authors made me love this story in a "Great Big Way". I loved the way they made Ursula such a strong woman, showing us that there are woman that can do things many say we can't. I loved the attraction between Solomon and Ursula, the passion they shared was quite hot, but so romantic and loving. To me that makes the story so "Strong". I would love to have the chance to read their book "Blood Lust"; I went into this story not knowing what some of the characters' stories were in that book. The story line was fast pasted and written quite well, I can't wait to read more by these two authors, Miriam Pace and Jacqueline Hamilton.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted July 22, 2007


The Vampire Nation goes to war with the United States Military. Caught in the crossfire is Major Ursula Carlson, whose attempt to change the military's perspective on the use of vampires in military operations is largely ignored. Since the military feels they can't trust vampires, they intend to destroy them. Denied a promotion to head an elite force, Ursula is on the run for attempting to stop the slaughter. Solomon and a handful of vampires, along with Ursula, are the only ones standing between the human race and the vampire nation.


Blood Seduction
by J. M. Jeffries

Genesis Press (Indigo)
April 1, 2007
Available: April 3, 2007
ISBN #158571237X
EAN #9781585712373
300 pages
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