"a wonderfully fun story with very compelling characters"

Samantha McIntrye has a unique family history, her mother is a mermaid and her father is a Selkie. You would think that someone with that kind of family background would practically live in the water. But that is not the case for Samie, she is deathly afraid of the water, so much that she couldn't even learn to swim. So when her mother leaves her a note just before going back into the ocean, telling her that when she turns twenty-five she will turn into a mermaid she is not amused.

Samie now thinks that she has two dilemmas; one being she is going to turn into a mermaid and doesn't know how to swim and the other is she thinks that she will no longer have a sex life once she does so. Samie devises a plan to solve both of her problems; she plans to seduce her tenant, lifeguard Jonah Billings.

Jonah has noticed Samie for quite some time but has not approached her due to her being his landlady. When Samie asked for his help in learning how to swim and to become better acquainted with him, as in the horizontal way, Jonah doesn't know what to make of it. Especially when she tells him that she will be turning into a mermaid. But Samie can be very persuasive.

Sink or Swim definitely does not sink, it Soars! Alexis Fleming has written a wonderfully fun story with very compelling characters that will take you from laughter to passion. I even enjoyed the Aussie dialect - the story is set in Australia and I believe the author is also Australian. Sink or Swim is an excellent story and the combination of the Mermaid and Selkie make this an unusual paranormal that totally works. So for a great summer read, grab your beach towel and swim suit and dive into this awesome book!

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted July 20, 2007


Do mermaids have orgasms? Who knows, but she’d better find out quick before she exchanges her girly bits for fishy slits.

A mermaid who can’t swim? What could be worse?

When Samie McIntyre finds out she’s about to turn into a mermaid, a legacy of her selkie father and mermaid mother, she realizes she has one major problem. Well, er, maybe two… First, she can’t swim. And second, she has aqua-phobia. What good is a mermaid who’s afraid of the water? As far as she can see, there’s only one thing to do. Talk the sexy Jonah Billings into teaching her to swim.

And if she can convince him to indulge in a bit of horizontal wrestling before she becomes a pickled sardine, so much the better.

Erotic Rating: Total e-burning - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifters
Book Length: Novella

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Sink or Swim
by Alexis Fleming

July 1, 2007
Available: July 1, 2007
ISBN #1906328013
EAN #9781906328016
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