"Ms. Wilder's debut, quite impressive"

King Edward has come to Ireland to dominate and Kieran MacAuley and his kinsmen will not stand for it. Though they love their families, keeping their beloved Ireland safe must be foremost at the moment. On a bloody battlefield, the strong chieftain's life hangs in the balance. Praying only that his men's souls find their way to heaven, he's certain he cannot turn death away this time. When a brave lass haunts the fallen men, he's certain all he needs is a kiss from her to die in peace.

Brynna Ryan mourns the loss of the brave men of Ireland. When she encounters the legendary Kieran, she calls upon her fey roots to save his life. As he is already favored by the faery Queen of Meath, it's a task well seen too. Brynna nurses the handsome fighter back to health and in the solitude of the forest, they discover there's more to life than the next battle, be it for Ireland or on a more personal level. But when Kieran asks more of Brynna than she is willing to give, he'll have to overcome the tricky veil that is fey magic if he truly wants to be with her. Brynna will do all in her power to keep him safe, and if it means keeping them apart due to her past, so be it. Love has a way of unfolding the veil though and soon even the world of faery will learn that it cannot hold love back.

Fearless is a stellar addition to the romance shelves and as Ms. Wilder's debut, quite impressive. The story draws one in from the very first paragraph with action and sets the tone before the second page with romance and fey intrigue. The characters are well written and we see a wonderful progression of the hero and heroine throughout the story. Kieran is a strong man, without being overpowering and he finds his perfect mate in the kind and just Brynna. There are plenty of emotional wringers, and therefore plenty of opportunities to cry for and cheer the two on. From the moment it starts, the pace is wonderful and never slows down or meanders. The addition of the fey elements add a measure of uncertainty, and left me to wonder at times if all would indeed be well for the main characters by book's end. A great way to spend a lazy weekend—or one long, breathless night. Congrats to author Wilder for her wonderful first contribution to the world of romance!

Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery
Posted July 20, 2007


"We can surrender or we can fight." For fearless Kieran MacAuley and his men, the choice was simple. This day, their legend would be plowed into the soil, carried on the wind to be heard far and wide across the Isle.

But of all his brave men, only Kieran would survive the disastrous battle. To what purpose had his life been spared? And who was the mysterious beauty whose face remained in his memory, though he could recall no name, no identity, to match it?

Theirs was a bond that could not be severed, a connection that went beyond the limits of mortality. And the moment he looked again into Brynna's flashing emerald eyes, Kieran knew he'd found his mystery woman...and his destiny.

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by Andrea Wilder

Love Spell
July 1, 2007
Available: July 31, 2007
ISBN #0505527219
EAN #9780505527219
320 pages
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