"An intriguing Fantasy quest that will appeal to the romantic"

The world of Thoslon remains exactly as it was at the moment of the Emperor's death awaiting the One to Follow, the Emperor's hidden heir. If nothing changes, everything on Thoslon will die. Aymara Keeper believes the solution could be within her care-- a special winged child she adopted may be the missing heir. Her decision is made after an attack on her village where all the children are taken but Hakken whom Aymara hid. Aymara sets out to bring Hakken to the Celestial Palace with Trellor Forge, whose love is forbidden by their current caste system.

Traveling while the four warring lords send their creatures in search of the heir is not their only difficulty. A dark spirit seems to have come over all and friends are no longer friendly. There are disagreements among the travelers focused on belief in the Emperor's cast system or the need to return to the 'Old Times' way of doing things. Who can be trusted and who will go on?

Having enjoyed her DREAM series, I appreciated how J. A. Ferguson blends fantasy, life and love into an intriguing "fantasy quest" and was hoping for another quality fantasy. This author has not lost her touch and SWORD UPON FIRE has some enjoyable characters and adventures with surprising story twists.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted July 18, 2007



Aymara Keeperís world remains exactly as it was at the moment of the Emperorís death. If nothing changes, everything on Thoslon will die. But the solution could be within her tavernóa winged child who may be the One to Follow, the Emperorís heir. She must take him to the Emperorís cloud palace to claim what she believes could be his birthright.


Trellor Forge believes that the Emperorís death could herald the return of the Other Time, the years before the Emperor united Thoslon and banished the four warring lords to their mountain castles. It is time for the people to take control of their lives instead being imprisoned in tradition that dictates every part of their lives.


Together, as they journey and struggle to protect the child from greedy warlords, they learn not only their world is endangered. Their hearts are, too, when they learn the greatest danger could be falling in love.

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Sworn Upon Fire
by J. A. Ferguson

Imajinn Books
March 1, 2007
ISBN #193341796X
EAN #9781933417967
228 pages
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