"an amazingly ingenious, erotic tale"

Sureya, a pale skinned nanny, witnesses a red heart, a second sun, rising on the horizon. It is a sign that the new Supplicant has risen. With the sighting of this remarkable event, Sureya's body will come to life. Sexual feelings will flood her body in raging waves. She does not understand what is happening to her. Why are these feelings suddenly assaulting her?

There are certain traits that a Supplicant has and Sureya will find out she has those traits. And that she is the new Supplicant. It is through the passionate orgasms that Sureya has, whether it is man or woman, whoever gives her that climax can have a prayer granted.

Sureya is a sweet, timid, and virginal woman. This overwhelming new role will be a challenge she is not sure she can fulfill. She will have to carefully pick through a treacherous maze of a king's love, priests' religious beliefs and barbarians that will want her for their own personal agendas. As Sureya experiences sexual empowerment, she will find the right path to venture down as The Supplicant.

The Supplicant is by author Lucinda Betts. In The Supplicant, Ms. Betts pushes every sexual envelope known to man. From the very beginning until the end, sex dominates this book. The premise of the story is built on a woman that is chosen to be the Supplicant, whose climaxes are the way to grant prayers. Along with this scorching premise, Ms. Betts blends smoothly the most wild and weird creatures you will ever read.

In this novel, the darker the skin of a person, the more treasured and higher in ranking they are. And the paler, lighter the skin, the lower a person is considered. This reviewer found the turning of the tables of color unique and refreshing. The total effect is an amazingly ingenious, erotic tale.

This is the second book that this reviewer has read of Ms. Betts' and she is a wizardly writer with a pen dipped in white-hot heat.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted July 15, 2007


Her ecstasy makes wishes come true... The sudden appearance of a second sun signifies that a Supplicant has come of age in the land of Marotiri. King Kalief knows this woman is destined to save his people from the barbarians. But first she must learn complete surrender—and King Kalief is just the man to teach her...

Sureya, a humble servant girl, is shocked to learn that her flame—red hair and white skin mark her as the Supplicant. She has never made love to anyone. There are many men—both good and evil—who are waiting to introduce Sureya to this new world of pleasure, but only Kalief can truly satisfy her...

With each shattering climax, the Supplicant's powers grow as dark forces come closer to taking her for their own. Now as Kalief and Sureya propel each other to dizzying sensual heights, danger and desire will become one—and one wish will change everything...



The Supplicant
by Lucinda Betts

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
July 1, 2007
Available: July 1, 2007
ISBN #0758214685
EAN #9780758214683
304 pages
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