"Delightful tale"

Chrissie Hayward, a fashion editor and photographer for La Syle, is sent to a medieval event in upstate New York. Chrissie and Kat Jones, her associate, are going to research how medieval fashion has influenced the latest styles. Chrissie and Kat become separated. Chrissie receives a strange phone call from Kat stating she's stuck in the future. Chrissie is convinced she's been out in the sun too long.

As Chrissie was asked by Kat, she visits the gypsy fortuneteller. Chrissie asks her to cast a spell to bring Kat back home. Instead of complying, the gypsy tells Chrissie she is sending her back in time to obtain the blood of Christ from the Holy Grail. Chrissie doesn't believe a word the gypsy is telling her until she finds herself in Sherwood Forest when King Richard is still being held for ransom in Austria.

Chrissie makes the best of the situation. She's thrilled to come face to face with the notorious Robin of Locksley, until she realizes he isn't even remotely similar to the hero of the many popular Robin Hood stories.

Masquerading as a boy, Chrissie is determined to shape Robin into the man he was meant to be.

Ms. Mancusi's Robin Hood tale at times had me in stitches with the hilarious banter and antics that take place. Her heroine is a strong take-charge woman who cleverly urges Robin and his Merry Men to be all they can be. The hero is strong and honorable, very likable. Chrissie only needs to guide Robin to see what he can be. I highly recommend this delightful tale!

Courtesy: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted July 9, 2007


If Chrissie Hayward knew that morning she'd be going back in time to rescue her crazy coworker Kat, she'd have worn better shoes. Doubly so if she'd expected to meet her true love. According to the mysterious gypsy, Chrissie was the "gentle soul who would tame an outlaw's thirst for revenge" aka the real Robin Hood. So how come the guy was such a dud?


No, Robin of Locksley was no Prince Charming. And the part about robbing the rich to feed the poor? He didn't get the memo. In fact, all the guy seemed to do was mope. (And he and his not-so-merry men thought Chrissie was a boy. Sure, she wasn't stacked, but still!) Nonetheless, he was loyal and brave and handsome as sin. If Chrissie coudl just get him with the program, she could right his wagon and get these boyz'n the wood to be heroes of the realm instead of twerps in tights. Only then could this prince of thieves become king of her heart.


A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest
by Marianne Mancusi

Love Spell
January 1, 2007
Available: January 30, 2007
ISBN #0505526743
EAN #9780505526748
368 pages
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