"intelligent, well-written and captivating"

Jillian Descharme, DVM, had worked hard over the last fifteen years to emerge from the darkness of the trauma of a brutal attack, in which she later insisted a great white wolf saved her life. Her counselor tried to explain it away as something of a mental illusion to help her cope. On the surface, Jillian agreed but in her heart of hearts, she believed in the reality of the wolf. Lately, she'd dreamt of the wolf, a dream that occurred when life changing events were about to happen. When a job offer, with the possibility of a partnership, came along to travel to upper Alberta and work with a veterinarian, Jillian took this as a good sign.

In one single terrorizing night, James Macleod, had lost his wife, unborn child and will to live. As a Changeling, his inner Wolf had taken over and for the last thirty years he lived as the great white wolf. Now, the wolf was stalking a human and reawakening the human side of James to remember. To discover why this one petite blonde veterinarian had sparked the wolfen side in compelling James' resolve to reawaken and walk as a human again.

Debut authors are usually full of surprises, but I've found the new ones who write intelligent, well-written and captivating novels are gifts to the readers who are the first to discover them. In Harper's tale of the Macleod Wolfen Changelings, she opens up a wonderful new world with this emotionally charged and fabulous tale of family loyalty and love that I found quite satisfying.

Jillian is a superb heroine, a survivor -- a brave young woman who battles back from a vicious attack holding onto her sanity through visions of a great white wolf who saved her from death. Her love, trust and fearlessness of the wolf was beautifully portrayed as well as her confusion over the attraction for the stranger James.

The author did a wonderful job of taking James' resolve to never walk as a man again until the wolf side of him awakens his humanness; tying it all together with Jillian's past as his human brain struggled to remember why she was so familiar. Additionally, having lived as a wolf for thirty years to forget the human pain of his loss, the author did a fabulous job of slowly bringing James around in how to live life as a man walking on two feet, and using hands that had forgotten the simplest of tasks.

While the lead protagonists of Jillian and James were beautifully rendered with depth, emotional passion and character, the author balances out the story with a captivating secondary cast of characters adding substance, realism, and making you hope that the author continues with additional stories of the Macleod Changelings.

In short, those who like a good dish of emotion served up with their paranormal reads will find that this is one deliciously tasty read and should be savored by all!

Review refers to a title that is no longer available.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted July 8, 2007


Title is no longer available~Check out Dani's new series


Heart of the Winter Wolf
by Dani Harper

New Concepts Publishing
May 1, 2007
ISBN #1603940510
EAN #9781603940511
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