"passionate, sensual, hotter than Hot!"

Imagine experiencing the most wild and erotic dreams ever and waking up unfulfilled night after night and each one more intense than the last. That has been happening to Karen, what is weird is she is unable to bear anyone's touch due to suffering from Vestibular Processing Disorder, that is why at twenty five she is still a virgin. Karen has taken a trip for work to get some samples from the Amazon. She starts having her dreams during the day and in one she figures out that she is dreaming about not one male but two. This and the fact that she thinks she is starting to see them everywhere makes her feel like she is losing her sanity. By the time that she realizes her dreams are not dreams but real live men, they have captured her.

Lemac ot Rean and Dgor ot Zyet came all the way from Terta Minor to find their mate to complete their Trigon. The Trigon is a marriage on their planet where two men and a woman are joined together by the Divinities. During the trip back to Terta Minor, Karen does not make things easy for Lemac and Dgor, she finds out that she is able to handle their touch and wants more of it. She also finds out that her "condition" is actually an ability she will need to become confident with in order to overt disaster. Will they make it back to Terta Minor? Will Karen agree to marry and go through with the Triconjugal process?

What is hotter than Hot? Angelia Whiting! Her characters are multifaceted, passionate, sensual and loving and that is what makes her ménage scenes work. She writes truly erotic romance with a nice mix of humor and action to keep you captivated until the end. What is also nice about this book, in the back is a list of definitions, translations and basics about the setup; it shows how much thought and planning the author put into writing about her world and her desire for the reader to understand it. This book is the second to be released but is a prequel to book one "The Trigon Rituals".

For those who are normally put off by m/m/f ménage need to give this book a try, because at the core this is a romance book written erotically with a happy ever after ending. I look forward to more of this series.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted June 30, 2007


Karen's suffered from a condition her entire life that's made her life hellish. Unable to bear a lover's touch, she's twenty five and still a virgin so she can't figure out why she's started having these really intense, erotic dreams about Lemac and Dgor. Unfortunately, by the time she fully realizes the dreams aren't dreams at all, she finds herself on a space ship headed for the CalyTron Galaxy, captive of Leman and Dgor, who are laboring under the impression that she's their mate. Just as soon as they complete the Trigon Ritual!

Rating: Contains strong language, graphic sex scenes, adult situations, and menage scenes.

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Deep Pressure
(The Trigon Rituals: Book 2)
by Angelia Whiting

New Concepts Publishing
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1603940014
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