"Action packed story of the military versus vampires!"

Major Ursula Carlson has been training with an elite group of vampires to prove they can work well with the US Military. When the military tried using vampire soldiers, the man they picked to head the squad was not suitable and attempted to stage his own coup d'état, so now they're trying this option. Ursula has learned a lot about vampires while honing them into a working squad. There's Elder Turi, who even though he creeped Ursula out by reading her mind when they first met, is still someone Ursula adores. And then there's Solomon, a man Ursula would love to get to know in the biblical sense, along with the rest of her squad. After completing a successful mission saving children at a daycare center from a group of ex-military, Ursula is shocked when her commanding officer tells her she has a new boss and a different mission. The new mission is to wipe out the vampires as they are now seen as a threat. Her CO is talking genocide here. Growing up in the foster care system, Ursula has done many things she's not proud of, but her new mission is something she just can't do. Not if she wants to live with herself anyway. So Ursula gets in her car with a packed duffel bag already in the trunk, along with some cash, and calls Solomon and tells him what the military is planning, thus ending her military career.

Will Solomon and Ursula be able to get all the vampires out of the United States before the military kills them all? What of the attraction between them? After all, Solomon has lived a long time, what could he possibly see in Ursula? Who is behind the plot to rid the world of vampires?

BLOOD SEDUCTION is a very different vampire story. J.M. Jeffries pulls us into the action with the very first page and keeps thing moving throughout the entire story. We get to meet all kinds of vampires in this story as well— everything from college professors and artists to revolutionaries. With Ursula's childhood, making something of herself is very important to her, but it doesn't take her long to make up her mind to throw her lot in with the vampires and simply trash her career. This story does deal with some heavy moral issues, not just the proposed genocide either. If you enjoy an action-packed romance, this story is for you.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted June 21, 2007


The Vampire Nation goes to war with the United States Military. Caught in the crossfire is Major Ursula Carlson, whose attempt to change the military's perspective on the use of vampires in military operations is largely ignored. Since the military feels they can't trust vampires, they intend to destroy them. Denied a promotion to head an elite force, Ursula is on the run for attempting to stop the slaughter. Solomon and a handful of vampires, along with Ursula, are the only ones standing between the human race and the vampire nation.


Blood Seduction
by J. M. Jeffries

Genesis Press (Indigo)
April 1, 2007
Available: April 3, 2007
ISBN #158571237X
EAN #9781585712373
300 pages
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