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Gates Mountain loomed over the small town. Named for the seven gates; some of wood, some of Iron. Beautiful to look upon, told to be the guards for the town below. Others thought that the gates were in some way related to the prophecy. That the "Sleeper" would end a long-running war, and halt waterfire-a devastating weather phenomenon.

Cat Deveney lives in Seattle and works in a library, along with two of her best friends Kevin and Margot. Suddenly Seattle is hit with an earthquake, taking refuge under a table the trio hopes to be able to survive the quake. Cat is trapped under the table injured. She slips into a dream state not really knowing for sure what is real and what isn't.

When she awakes in a strange land, Cat soon learns that the town's people believe that she is the "sleeper", the key to the prophecy. Many of the town's people remind Cat of the people she knew in Seattle. Different somehow, same face but different personality. Mark, her current boyfriend lives in the city, works inside and stays out of the sun. And only seems to be in love with her for her money. This man however has Mark's face, is tan, has a streak in his hair just like Mark but his is pure violet and runs through the back of his head. Pir Strain is his name. Pir is given the privilege of escorting Cat on her long journey, across the mountain to seek advice. Pir is drawn to her. Watching and wondering; is she really the one to bring the prophecy to fulfillment? Or a spy from another land? Over time he starts to believe in her.

Author Eilis Flynn has used great imagination in creating this book. The creation of Watefire was in my eyes the best part, would like to see it for myself. With a gift of creative thinking and the ability to relay that to the reader I'm sure Ms. Flynn will soon be on the best seller list.

Reviewed by Connie Devaney
Posted June 18, 2007


Terminally ill Cat Deveney wakes up after an earthquake in a place and time she does not recognize. Is she dreaming? She becomes certain of it when told she is the answer to a prophecy, the "Sleeper" who will end a long-running war and halt waterfire — a devastating weather phenomenon that threatens to level the land. But then she meets a man who must guide her through the war-torn countryside, an honorable man who is the very image of her unfaithful boyfriend, and she begins to wonder if she is dreaming.

Strian of Kurit has been given the task of delivering this mysterious woman to the ritual grounds. Is she really the Sleeper as the legends foretell, or is she a spy from the enemy, sent to mislead and betray? Amid the battles and his own doubts, Strian finds himself drawn to the puzzling stranger, and despite his misgivings, starts to believe…

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The Sleeper Awakes
by Eilis Flynn

Cerridwen Press
April 1, 2007
ISBN #1419908553
EAN #9781419908552
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