"the story was strong and well written"

Well you would think that after going through all that they did to get together in the first place they would have just a few days of peace, but "NO". Serena and Derek have bonded with the ancient bond that is between a werewolf and a wolf caller. They didn't have much time together because of the pending war with Albion. So only days after their bonding, Serena and Derek along with some fellow wolfs are on the run into the enemy's lands. They know they have a lot against them but know that they need to get the information that is needed to give them the edge. During this time on the run the passion builds between the bonded couple and Luke, Derek's second. The three of them together gives Serena some added powers, but will it be enough? Will they be torn apart when a traitor among them is revealed? After just finding these men, will she lose them?

Well I came into this series starting on the second book first. Then I ran and got the other one so I would know where I was in the story. Wow, this book was "Pure Heat" but the bonus was that the story was strong and well written. I love this author and try to read all of her books because she seems to get better and better with each release. I want more of her M/M stories for sure. I can't wait for the next in this series. No matter what this author writes, it is always a "Great" read.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted June 6, 2007


Their power is growing...

Derek and Serena have forged an ancient bond between werewolf and wolf caller. But with Albion on the brink of war, there is no time for them to research the magical abilities they've gained.

Days after their bonding, Serena, Derek, and two other wolves make a daring run into enemy territory, hoping to bring home the stolen technology that could give their enemies the edge in the coming war. As the fight for technological supremacy heats up, so does Serena's regard for Luke, Derek's second in command. The three become lovers, and Serena discovers that she can lend power through sex.

The threesome's new magical abilities are tested when they discover a traitor in the pack. Are they strong enough to preserve Albion's technological secrets and protect Derek's wolves?

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, BDSM

Theme(s): Ménage, Gay/Bisexual, Werewolves, Witches, Wizards & Magic, BBW

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(Wolf Caller: Book 2)
by Silvia Violet

Changeling Press
May 1, 2007
ISBN #1595965351
EAN #9781595965356
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